Top 5 spring decor ideas you should see!

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With the changing of the time from winter to summer time, it is official, spring is here and so is the spring decor. Floral wallpapers, bold colours and nature-inspired art will get you excited for the rest of the season. Discover the top 5 decor Ideas you should see here!

Spring decor in the form of bold colours.

Top 5 spring decor ideas you should see!

Bold, vibrant colors

A spring decor trend that has been popping up everywhere is the use of bold and vibrant colors. Not only on the walls of bedrooms and kitchens but also on furniture pieces like couches, pillows, chairs, etc.

Springtime yellow wallpaper in a white bedroom.

A first colour that certainly pops out in this spring decor is a bright and sunny yellow. It gives the ultimate spring vibe and makes you feel just as good.

Bold coloured throw pillows in bright pink, blue hues.

Talking about spring decor trends and bold colours, a good use of them are in throw pillows they give your space a dash of colour and a personality to rival your own.

A deep purple colored rug gives a nice contrast to a room.

Other furniture pieces you can easily give a more daring look are rugs. They can give a nice contrast to a room and make you feel happy about walking on them.

Bold pink colours give a warm-weather vibe to your room.

Another pop of colour can be added in the form of the curtain colours you choose. With a bold, flashy colour you can make the room have that warm-weather vibe in an instant.        


Nature art pieces

Everyone likes a piece of art in their home, it adds that piece of you to your home. This spring decor trend might not be for everyone but for the nature lovers, this landscape art is definitely something for you. These aren’t only beautiful landscapes, they can also be minimalistic and bring a calming vibe to your home.

A creek in a jungle on multiple panes in a yellow living room.

Appealing entry tables

Something you will want in your spring decor is an appealing entryway table. This year you don’t want it to be only functional, you also want it to fit perfectly in your home and give an extra visual appeal when your guests enter.

A beautiful entryway with a colourful flower bouquet.

Rattan Furniture

This kind of furniture immediately gives you a spring decor vibe. It has that beach look and makes you wish for a cocktail and a nice summer breeze. By adding this furniture piece to your home you can say that summer is even almost here.                   

Some rattan furniture in the living room.

Statement Greenery

A last spring decor piece that will give you the perfect spring feel is some statement greenery. A beautiful plant or a colourful flower will give a boost of energy and a splash of colour to your home.

A spectacular bouquet draws your attention in the living room.

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