Take a plunge into the world of high-end furniture design

Take a plunge into the world of high-end furniture design

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Many brands are represented at Milan Design Week and Salone del Mobile, however, none are as exciting and trendy as the high-end furniture design brands. We know, that many of these luxury brands are Italian through and through, however, there are also some other honourable mentions you should know about. Take a plunge with us into the world of high-end furniture design.

Take a plunge into the world of high-end furniture design

Take a plunge into the world of high-end furniture design

Italians rule the world

High-end furniture design, we all know some brands by name. But we can easily say that the Italians do have an upper hand in the industry. They have a rich history in high-end furniture design and have been on top of the game for centuries. Today we will take a closer look as to why this is.

Take a plunge into the world of high-end furniture design

Italian high-end furniture history

The italian design industry has always been characterized by sophisticated technology, outstanding, avant-garde design and colors. They are also well-known for custom designs and the use of quality materials. Lastly their use of excellent craftsmanship like the Murano glass blowing has made Italian high-end furniture in high demand by people world-wide.

Take a plunge into the world of high-end furniture design

Italian Furniture Brands on top of the food-chain

Roberto Cavalli Home

They may only be active since 2012, Roberto Cavalli home has already proven that they deliver excellent high-end furniture. The group offers a wide variety of interior design accessories and furniture, most of which has been developed in partnership with sector specialists.

Fendi Casa

Also Fendi Casa is a well integrated name in italian high-end furniture design. They make furnishings for every place in your home and are able to seamlessly integrate modern innovations into retro details. Their collection always has that touch of elegance while still having an inviting vibe and brings that little bit of Roman Fashion House to your home with their pieces.


As a key player for the evolution of modern technology and artistic tradition in high-end furniture design, Edra creates the most amazing furniture pieces. They have the production result that combines a blend of talent with specialized craftsmanship and innovative technologies and materials. Their pieces are unique and have an unmistakable presences due to the care that is put into the making of the products. Furthermore, their collection also includes sofas and cabinets that adapt to all kinds of spaces and fit in different kind of styles within your home or just public spaces.

Antonio Lupi

Antonio Lupi is known for its Tailor-made productions and stands out with their high degree in customization. As such they also want to include the highest standard for their brand. Not only do they want the highest quality, they also want to ensure the best customer care and include their passion into their work.


For Missoni, however, their most important part of their high-end furniture is the fabric. For them, it creates a special visual which plays in on the emotions of their clients. They say that the right use of light and colour can make the perfect contrast and can give your furniture multiple facets, matt or silky, rough or soft all with one sort of fabric. Fabric is a support system for the design of the furniture, it gives an extra element to the product and makes the customer experience the product in a unique way.


From collections containing art that blends with daily life icons to conveying their vision to their customer through a well-made message in the functionality of their furniture. Seletti is all about a fun and personal lifestyle. Founded in 1964, Seletti has always followed the same principle, namely striving for constant research and innovation, originality and the best professional service in the high-end furniture business.


Names like Le Corbusier, Mackintosh, Lissoni, Pesce and Patricia Urquiola all ring a bell and they all have a connection to Cassina. In one way or another they have worked together on making amazing high-end furniture pieces that are a fusion between technological innovation and tradition craftsmanship. They are a pioneer in the industry thanks to their R&D work in collaboration with these architects, designers and icons of the design industry.

B&B Italia

B&B Italia has a history that includes the typical Italian style which has made them famous throughout their world. Their use of technology and creativity has made their products a big contribution to the Italian history of high-end furniture design. They have the ability to easily adapt to ever-changing lifestyles and habits, making their products always fulfill the requirements of their customers.


International high-end furniture brands on top of the food-chain

As you now already know, Italy has a very good reputation for high-end furniture. However, there are some other international brands that are worth mentioning when talking about luxury in your home.

Boca do Lobo

Boca do Lobo is known for giving their customers an emotional experience with their products. They make beautiful pieces with passion and use handcrafted materials of the highest quality. The success of the brand has everything to do with the dedication of its craftsman and the knowledge they have in the industry. No part of the design process is overlooked and they have thought of every detail. Experience the journey yourself!


Another great international brand is Circu. Built on a dream to give children the furniture for their dream bedrooms, Circu inspires the most magical of fantasies. Their products are hand-crafted and tailored and they ensure only to deliver the highest quality furnishings.

Tom Dixon

As an innovator in lighting, accessories and furniture, Tom Dixon has constantly reinvented himself. From early eighties welding salvaged steel to radical furniture he has rethought the product designer’s relationship with industry to improve it.


The Portuguese design brand Brabbu has a diverse range of design pieces, from high-end furniture to casegoods and lighting, they all reflect the same theme of fierceness, strenght and power in the urban lifestyle. They bring a new sensory design to your home and pass on a unique experience every time.

Maison Valentina

Maison Valentina may sound French in actuality it is a Portuguese high-end furniture brand for bathroom furniture. They aim to deliver the best and most exquisite bathroom designs and use the finest materials, the best craftsmanship and techniques to achieve that goal.


With the way they make products, Pullcast tries to combine the worlds of jewelry and interior design to create sculptural masterpieces in high-end furniture design. They use elements of nature and a diverse range of styles, while also emphasizing the importance of sophistication.


Founded in 2001, the brand was named after the dutch word of beautiful “Mooi” with a third “o” that stands for the extra value they add to the designs. Since then, Moooi has been inspiring the world with their spectacular innovative designs

Essential Home

Essential Home is a mid-century furniture brand that has taken its inspiration from important historical and cinematographic reference from between the 1930s till the 1960s. As such their furniture pieces exude a unique and elegant vibe. They have also innovated the way they make the pieces with special techniques and the use of top of the line technology. Their products may have a mid-century feel, they still are quite modern and fit right into the luxury category.


As many of the brands named above, Delightfull has added its fair share of innovations to the world of design. However, Delightfull is mostly focussed on the field of lighting with their high-end mid-century lighting pieces. They bring revivals from the 40s to the 70s while still giving the products a fresh, modern look.

The Best Italian Interior Designers

Piero Lissoni

The award-winning designer, Piero Lissoni is internationally known for designing spaces with a vision for ambience and time. In his work, the ever changing world of italian design is reflected and the future of the design world can be seen.

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Piero Lissoni started his own company in 1986 with Nicoletta Canesi and has realised several groundbreaking projects since then.

One of his best works was the amazing Laurent restaurant of the Hotel Cafe Royal and houses a spectacular Murano glass chandelier by Vistosi. The restaurant gives off an incredible relaxing vibe and falls in line with the contemporary lifestyles of today.

Dimore Studio

Another important player in the world of high-end furniture designs and interiors is Dimore Studio. Founded in 2003, designers Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran hoped to make Dimore Studio a beacon for Italian Design. They focussed themselves on design, art and fashion an have collaborated with the greats to make the most amazing designs.

One of those more well-known collaborations was the redesigning of a lot of Fendi stores. Fendi knew that Dimore Studio would perfectly represent the Italian essence of design in their stores and they did exactly that.

Antonio Citterio

Another top name in Italian design and international high-end furniture design is Antonio Citterio. In his youth he got inspired by the great Gio Ponti, but by now the student has become the master.

Between 1987 and 1996, Citterio worked on a lot of big buildings in Europe and Japan after which he decide to become a more prominent figure in the world of furniture and industrial designers. As such he started working together with top Italian brands like Kartell, B&B Italia, Vitra, etc. For each of them he made atleast one piece that is in their most popular collection with his signature italian modern contemporary style.

The best international interior designers

Kelly Hoppen

As an English interior designer, author and owner of Kelly Hoppen Interiors, Kelly Hoppen has made an incredible career for herself. She is one of the biggest names in interior design and has covered designs for hospitality to residential and yachts, aircrafts, offices and restaurants all over the world.

Besides her home accessories brand, Kelly Hoppen Interiors, she also owns her own design studio, Studio Hoppen and is a recognised TV personality in the UK.

Marcel Wanders

As an admired product designer and one of the best interior designers, Marcel Wanders is regarded as an anomaly in the design world. His mission is to create an environment of love, alive with passion, so that it will make our most wonderful dreams come true. As such his work tends to excite, provoka and polarise people. However, we can agree on one thing you will always be in for a surprise.

Jean Louis Deniot

This French interior designer is not only one of the best, he also does it all. Projects for architecture, decoration, lighting and high-end furniture… No problem for Jean Louis Denoit. His style is very eclectic, yet traditional and the inclusion of history in his design makes it just that tad more unique.

The ancient craftsmanship that makes the high-end furniture high-end.

Murano Glass

The making of Murano glass or Venetian glass is a craft that was handed throughout the centuries from father to son. Throughout the years the way they used to work with Murano glass has also evolved, while still respecting the ancient traditions and integral customs. Nowadays, you can still only find the Murano glass on the island of Murano and the customs are still very close guarded. So, having a piece of high-end furniture is not only unique, it is almost an honour.

Wood Carving

As one of the oldest arts, Wood carving is an art of sculpting ornaments out of a wooden base. The product that is created from this holds a natural look and textures and yet can still also be found as being highly polished and in colored versions. Wood is an easily accessible product and is also easy to manipulate to the wiles of the artist or designer.

Wood carving, however does require a good technique and there are even different carving styles to choose from. It may be a widely practiced art the wooden material doesn’t last as long as other more durable materials. But that shouldn’t stop you from getting a beautiful high-end furniture piece with wooden carvings for your home.

Gold Leaf Gilding

Gold leafing or gilding is the application process of gold leaf on an object. It is ornamental decoration mostly for high-end furniture pieces and can be used on different materials and surfaces. Gold leaf is available in a large range of karats and shades and even has some substitutes like silver and copper.

Just as wood carving, there are different techniques to the art of gilding. One of the most difficult ways to do it is by the traditional water gilding method, which has been unchanging and has to be done manually. However, adding a nice touch of gold leaf to some high-end furniture will only make the piece stand out for its uniqueness.

hands gilding gold leaf onto the Buddha statue image

Metal Casting

Casting metal is an art by which you try to mold metals into a chosen shape and size. The process uses a mold to capture the shape you want and when solidified can be broken out of its cast. This is the most used technique to get the best realistic representation of your design. The most common metals used for casting are iron and aluminium. However, bronze, brass and steel are other varieties that can be used. Just look at some of the most intricate high-end furniture designs, they shine even brighter because of the metal casting that was used to make them.

Tile Painting

A last high-end furniture craftsmanship that is used in interior design furniture is the art of tile painting. This Portuguese art form is part of their cultural heritage and is most common in the blue and white tile colors. The art is a tradition that has been going on for over hundreds of years and is also known as Azulejo. They are made out of clay or ceramic and are mostly found in a square form. They are then decorated with colourful, glazed designs and the process is repeated a several hundred times to cover the base.

It is mostly used in wall covering and architectural design. But it can easily be fitted onto high-end furniture pieces as decoration.

Take a plunge into the world of high-end furniture design