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Nowadays we here more and more news about world environmental pollution and natural abuse. However, 2019 promise to be different, people will demonstrate a more conscientious approach to consumerism by selecting high-quality solutions and natural materials instead of other low-cost and mass-produced options. Amount such materials we will certainly see a pairing of metals with raw, natural materials such as cork, wood, and clay. If you want to stay updated about the interior design trends for the upcoming season, make sure to keep reading!


Mixing different metals and natural stones, for example, marble with golden details might just be the ultimate luxury solution. Do not go extreme though, this is a key to success. While using metal finishing are beautiful interior design trend, it also is environmentally friendly.

White marble table, the brass suspension lamps and the wooden flooring bathroom

In this gorgeous home design above, we can notice how well different materials go along with each other. While the white marble table and the brass suspension lamps give the room a touch of luxury, the wooden flooring creates a more easy-going atmosphere, ideal to this season.

Interior design trends may change but metal details mixed with other natural materials will always stay fashionable, lasting and harmless for the environment.


Wood is a natural, environmentally friendly material. Its presence in the interior of a house or apartment contributes to calming and relaxation. Traditionally, it is used for floor and furniture, but nowadays more often the wood is used to create the decor in the room.

Check out these awesome wooden stairs, they would create a feeling of a fairytale in your house. Wooden fairytale!

Luxury wooden room with pleasant light

Wood is an exceptional material, it may be used in various interior design trends, ranging from the most luxury expensive residences to simple country houses. Wood is beautiful, natural and lasting, moreover can be easily painted to a different color, which means adaptable as well.

No matter if you use wood as the main interior accent or add small details of it, in any case, it will make your house look awesome.

Beautifull modern room with wooden details

A wooden center-table in your living room is a great way to bring this material into your home. Besides being functional, the aesthetic is gorgeous. Top that with a spring vase or flower and you’ve got yourself a winner look!

Covet House is actively using and promoting environmentally friendly materials because this is extremely important for our planet as well as for ourselves. This is a mastery to create such luxury designs from simple materials, and as you can see below Covet is doing great!

Covet House Iterior Design. Eden Center Table

If you like this gorgeous Eden Center Table created by Boca do Lobo, you may check details and much more incredible interior pieces here: Covet House


Cork is a unique finishing material that has many advantages. In general, it represents a bark of a cortical oak, to remove which tree should reach the age of 25 years, and then it is possible to be done every 10 years. The fact that the removal of the crust on the tree does not affect its further growth and development makes this material absolutely ecological and its use does not harm the environment in any way. In the interior design trend, cork can be used for a variety of purposes – decoration of walls, floors, etc.

Cork walls are not only a visually compelling choice, but they’re awesome when it comes to blocking out sound and posting to-dos on the go.

Cozy bedroom with wall made out of cork

And who said cork can not look fashionable? Check this luxury, calming fire place.

Luxury, calming fire place with cork wall

Interior design tip: use the best quality cork you can find for your home. Where can you find it? Look for any Portuguese cork producer, they’re certainly the best quality and they’ll make you happy for years.

We hope you enjoyed these natural interior design trends and have got inspired for your new interior design. Stay environmentally friendly with our interior solutions!

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