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Today we will become magicians with time traveling powers, and travel back to the 1960s to gather the best inspiration and transform it into the Ultimate Guide for a Perfect Mid-Century Modern Decor.

You may be curious why Mid-Century Modern Decor keeps being such a big trend throughout the years. We will answer you. This trend represents the time when furniture and overall home decor were simple, clean and sophisticated. The minimalist design of the mid-century modern style has plenty of fans all around the world. That is why we have decided to present you the ‘Ultimate Guide For a Perfect Mid-Century Modern Decor‘!

Mid-Century Modern Decor

In this guide, you will find the 6 steps to follow in order to get the most wonderful mid-century modern interior decor. Here you will discover not only inspiration but also practical ideas and some of our favorite shopping tips.

1. Interior Design Inspiration

Every interior design process should always start by gathering information, ideas, and inspiration about novelties, trends, and preferences. Don’t forget that the right interior design should reflect your personality, so don’t follow blindly to emerging fashion, instead connect what is trendy with what you feel is good. You can mix & match different styles and make them work together to create the best solution for your mid-century modern design project.

Pinterest is leading online tool to gather and organize your ideas.

 2. Furniture design options

Straight, clean lines accented with smooth, curved angles are the main features of Mid-century modern furniture. Usually, they avoid any fancy ornamentation or upholstery. It is a minimalist design that often uses wooden construction, but can also include fiberglass or metal. Colors do not differ much and usually are limited to two or three. Essential Home’s pieces include a few Hollywood inspired-lines and ideas, such as the golden details. It brings you right back to the glamorous Hollywood 1960s.

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3. Colors of Mid-Century Modern

Mid-Century Modern colors tend to combine darker neutral tones with saturated accent colors. It is also important to remember the golden ‘color picking’ rule, also known as the 60-30-10 rule. Your room colors should be 60% dominant base color, 30% secondary color, and 10% accent color. It is not advisable to choose more than 3 to 4 colors.

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4. Carpets & Rugs

To be able to choose suitable rugs for your mid-century modern project, you have to know how to identify the right patterns. It is easier to do if to remember about the golden years of mid-century modern design when people loved asymmetrical and abstract patterns.

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5. Mid-Century Modern Lighting

No matter if you prefer floor lamps or ceiling lamps, but what you should really keep up in mind is the mid-century minimalist lines, which feature either very straight, geometric lines or round, curved contour. They are usually made of finished metal, but sometimes also have wood legs. Ceiling lamps also have exposed bulbs on straight rods radiating out of a center.

6. Accessories & Decor

The last but not least step of preparing your mid-century modern decor is accessorizing. Take the opportunity to put the 60-30-10 rule into practical terms and use your accessories to make a statement. Golden details will make your interior architecture pop!

Essential Home Accesories

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