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Summertime is the best moment for your house renovation and redecoration. If you are searching for inspiration about your beach house design you came to the right place. Spotools have found three wonderful brands to bring you some creative inspiration for your beach house bathroom. PullCast, Maison Valentina and BRABBU present their breathtaking bespoke hardware to fulfill your home decor ideas! Keep on reading and let yourself be inspired by the most luxurious interior design.

Beach House moodboard

Eden Vessel Sink by Maison Valentina

There is absolutely no people who would not like summer. An atmosphere of the total peace, brought by the sea, the sand, the hot breeze. What if we would tell you all of these can be transferred into our home decor? Check out these amazing projects and sea-inspired pieces! Let’s start with the amazing Eden Vessel Sink by Maison Valentina. Its design is so luxurious and majestic, that any bathroom will play new colors with it. With the special shape of this bespoke hardware, a cosmopolitan environment will enter your bathroom decor.

Codium furniture drawer by PullCast

The secrets kept in the oceans deep is are beautiful and undiscovered. Reached out of the deeps of blue water, Codium furniture drawer created by PullCast handle is delicate and authentic, a fetching detail to any drawer, cupboard or wardrobe, for cabinet bespoke hardware.

Sonoran Door Handle by PullCast

Sonoran Door Handle created by PullCast is a magnificent piece that celebrates the beauty and uniqueness of the world’s most known dessert, providing high character and uplifting your cupboards, sideboards, cabinet bespoke hardware.

Linckia by PullCast

A sea is a place where fascinating creatures are inhibiting, next product is created with the aim of bringing this wonder into your room design, assuring beauty. Linckia created by PullCast is a range of bespoke hardware graceful furniture drawer handles entitled to create a sculptural scheme in your bespoke hardware furniture designs.


Koi Wasnashbin by Maison Valentina

Maison Valentina’s bathroom project/moodboard

Maison Valentina’s bathroom project is just mind-blowing. All in golds and with a big open space and window, just “wow”. In this project, the washbasin is combined with a matching bathtub and the incredible mirrors, with an elegance that stands out with gold as its major color and adapts to any environment adding a luxury and contemporary touch.


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