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Top 5 Interior Designers in Canada

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We have already talked about best interior designers in Europe and around the world, therefore today we decided that we should take a closer look at top interior designers in Canada. Check out our shortlist of best interior designers and interior design companies of this fascinating country.

André Perron

During a project, André Perron – interior designer from Canada, seeks a balance between colors, textures, shapes and lighting, in order to design interiors individually for each of his clients. By listening to them, he shares his vision and inspirations while ensuring that he creates a living environment that reflects their needs and their identity.

André Perron design

In his various creative processes, André Perron likes to mix eras and styles. His inspiration can lead him, for example, to combine the furniture of the 30s with a contemporary object. With attention to detail, he is inspired by current trends but ensures that the development creates time. The structure remains rather strict, but the integration of eclectic objects in the decor brings a unique character to the room. Marriage between styles and the addition of various accessories is a distinguishing point of André Perron design. It aspires to give a soul and warmth to the room so that the energy that emerges embodies the personality of the client.

André Perron design

Nordsouth Interiors

Nordsouth offers a complete service of commercial and residential interior designs, regardless of the size of the project and from concept to the final finish. Nordsouth Interiors is headed by renowned international designers, Stéphane Fréchette and Robert Sauvé. They founded the company in 1989 and presently have 2 branches; being Montréal, Canada and Miami, USA.

Nordsouth Interiors design

With their multi-cultured design experiences, Nordsouth derives its ethnic and eclectic design style. Their original interiors are known worldwide. Nordsouth Interiors also has the added advantage of having a professional team to support all its services, not only with innovative designers, but also with experienced decorators, carpenters, painters and other qualified professionals, who will work together to create a space of high quality and an exclusive finish that all of your contemporaries will envy.

Nordsouth Interiors design


HOK is a global design firm that specializes in planning, architecture, design and delivery solutions for sustainable interiors, buildings and communities. HOK is recognized as one of Canada’s Top 100 Employers and Canada’s Greenest Employers for 2009, with studios in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, Vancouver, Doha and Dubai.

 HOK's design

HOK Canada designs buildings and spaces that respond to the needs of people and the environment. Their designers are rooted in technical excellence, driven by imagination and focused on a solitary goal: to deliver solutions that inspire clients and communities.

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 HOK's design

Yabu Pushelberg

George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg continue to innovate design, creating masterpieces in every room they work. For close to 40 years, George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg have been the pioneers and leaders of interior design in Canada and have been rightly recognized as the inspiration behind the phenomenal and impressive growth of the Canadian design industry.

Yabu Pushelberg's design

Across so many creative design spectrums, their influence has been felt. Yabu and Pushelberg are masters at not only the practicality of the design, but also its inner beauty and the very real and raw emotional edge that design can represent, and in their case, always deliver.

Yabu Pushelberg's design

Laura Stein Interiors

Laura Stein Interiors is proud and honored to be recognized as a leader in the interior decorating and design industry. Since opening her doors in 2006 in Canada, Laura has been creating exceptional homes that allow her clients to experience the exquisite beauty of well-crafted design and the ease of living with refined functionality.

Laura Stein Interiors design

Laura’s passion for design is enduring and contagious. She approaches each project with a vision to inspire her clients and deliver beyond what they ever dreamed possible. Each design is uniquely personal, yet always infused with Laura’s signature sense of fresh, understated luxury. Her designs are recognized for their timeless appeal, beautiful custom furnishings, layered luxurious materials, and unexpected details. Laura is a purist and a perfectionist. No detail is left unattended, and quality is paramount.

Laura Stein Interiors design
Image of a bedroom, by Laura Stein Interiors.



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