Ridiculous paintings sold for millions

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Not everyone can truly appreciate the importance of highly meaningful art and the idea behind them. Nevertheless, the price of works created by contemporary artists sometimes reaches a ridiculously high level and collectors from all over the world are ready to fight for them. In the heat of the struggle for the vending picture, they are spending effort and fortunes surprising even the authors themselves. Today, Spotools would like to present you a list of ridiculous paintings sold for millions of dollars.

“Spatial Concept” – Lucio Fontana

$1 500 000

"Spatial Concept" - Lucio Fontana

This painting was sold for a ridiculously high price at auction in London. It seems that the author simply painted over the canvas with color and “ripped” the picture with oblique lines. The question for million arises: if the artist wants to get even more money for such a paintings, should he just make another cut?

Green-White – Ellsworth Kelly

$1 600 000

Green-White - Ellsworth Kelly

The works of this artist are very contradictory, critics differ in their opinions regarding their value, but, of course, this painting is the most precious gem. This is the most common known canvas with a deformed circle in the middle, and there are people who are ready to pay for the right to add it to their collection the price equal to a small Thai island costs.

“Blood-red mirror” – Gerhard Richter

$1 000 000

"Blood-red mirror" - Gerhard Richter

Mirror Painting was sold for 1.1 million. Of course, this artist is the author of many beautiful works, however, to understand this kind of paintings, apparently, you just need to be born as an artist. It is difficult, if not impossible, to see in this masterpiece something similar to a mirror. Perhaps the collector who bought it just wanted to see himself in more light.

“Untitled” – Mark Rothko

$28 000 000

"Untitled" - Mark Rothko

Many reacted impartially about this painting, but it is rather simply boring. If your child would bring you such a drawing after graduating from art school, then there would be two possible scenarios: a) you would get terribly proud and hang a picture instead of a TV or b) would say: “Good work, baby. Just let’s draw something else next time!”

“Untitled” – Blinky Palermo

$1 700 000

 "Untitled" - Blinky Palermo

This work, like many other paintings of this artist, is a layering of colored canvases on each other. One of the critics noted that he had been looking at this painting for an hour, but he could not find anything in it. Another, however, explained:


“Palermo’s paintings offer the viewer’s eye to see many-sided changes intones, while there are no traces of pictorial nuances and kinks on the surface of the canvases; instead, a person can see beautiful, undiluted colors.”

“Dog” – Joan Mira

$2 200 000

"Dog" - Joan Mira

Actually, Mira has a lot of good paintings, but this one really stands out, and not from the most positive side. Probably the collector who bought it just wanted to have a part of the heritage of a talented artist.

“White Fire I” – Barnett Newman

$ 3,800,000

"White Fire I" - Barnett Newman

It is obvious that people who buy this kind of paintings are extraordinarily rich. But rich people become rich because of their wise minds. If so, then why did an intellectual collector buy such work at an online auction, based only on her meager description on the site? The name of the picture is a mystical term that is directly related to the Torah. The Torah itself is aimed at a deep spiritual unity, which Newman is trying to instill in the viewer through his works. But is it really? Or maybe for an inexperienced person is just difficult to trace the relationship between the two lines on a clean canvas and the Torah?



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