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Beata Heuman born and raised in Sweden, Heuman worked for Nicky Haslam for nine years before setting up the studio in 2013. Beliving that homes reflect the inspiration and experiences of their habitats, she likes to keep the design process personal, intuitive and considered. Join us today to discover her amazing style!

Beata Heuman

Her style

Beata Heuman is an interior designer known for her playful and original work but Scandinavian and detailed at the same time. Her style is based on creating beautiful and comfortable rooms bringing attention to unexpected details.

Top Projects |Beata Heuman

Sussex Cottage

Beata Heuman bathroom

In this project by Beata Heuman she transformed a Cottage in Sussex village to create a distinctive family home. In this bathroom we can see how she added an elegant and spicy touch with the use of marble to this simple and minimalistic bathroom.

Beata Heuman bedroom

For a more colorful ambiance we have this bedroom that mixes a lot of colorful pieces and textures like orange velvet and green wood to create a vibrant room.

Paddington Pied à Terre

Beata Heuman corner

This London flat is full of color and textures like this wood table or this velvet sofa. Designed for a countryside writer this small space has all the spaces to accommodate the necessities of the owner. This small space at the front of the house is the perfect corner to write.

Beata Heuman kitchen

The kitchen combines green and marble to add a colorful and interesting look to the kitchen but keeping simple forms and a minimalistic style and the small shelves above the sink provide space for a display of the owner’s ceramics.

Commercial projects |Beata Heuman


beata heuman habito

Beata Heuman is also the creator or different commercial projects like this stunning Habito London Office. The style of this project is a little bit different from the rest since the style is less minimalistic and colorful, with a lot of brown tones.

beata heuman habito

This little corner of the office shows how rugs can be a perfect wall decor. The red tones of the rug match perfectly with the armchair and together give the perfect amount of color to this relaxing ambiance.


As you can see, the style of this designer is usually very colorful and Scandinavian, but she always makes it fit into the customer preferences, necessities and style to create the perfect result.

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