costal style living room blue and white

Costal style living rooms to inspire you!


Costal style is the perfect style for summer lovers that like bright ambiances that let you live in an endless summer. This style is full of white, blue, and wood pieces that create a calming and happy vibe in any room. If you want to incorporate this style to your home here you have some inspiration for your living room!

Costal style living rooms

Blue and white beach house

costal style white and blue

While trying to create a costal style living room, combining white and blue pieces is a simple way to do it. It looks bright and colorful without being overwhelming. White brings peace and blue matches with bright skies and the water of the sea, perfect for a calming vibe!

costal style blue and white living room

The stripes on some of the pieces of this living room are an easy way to add texture into the ambiance using blue and white again to keep the color palette simple and add an ocean vibe to the ambiance.

Everything white

costal style white living room

Keeping everything white and adding little grey or wood details is another way to use costal style that will make it appropriate for any season. It looks especially beautiful in rooms with a lot of natural light and grey or darker blue tones make it less beachy and appropriate for any occasion!

Brown details in costal style

Using pieces with wood and wicker is another staple of this style. It adds color and texture but keeping it neutral and usually, this furniture also helps with creating the relaxing ambiance we are looking for.

Less blue, more brown

costal syle brown living room

If you aren’t prepared for a full costal style and want something that doesn’t feel only for summer try to add less blue and more wood and brown tones to the ambiance. You can still use some blue on the details but use brown pieces to give a natural vibe that still adds a costal feeling but is good for any season.

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We hope that you liked this costal style and got inspired to decor your living room with it! Remember that blue and white are the key colors for it and also wood and wicker pieces for the final touch. This style is perfect for summer and beach houses but can be incorporated and adapted to any home and season.

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