Light blue decor to get you inspired!

Bathroom Trends by Maison Valentina

Light blue is the perfect color to if you want to add some spice to your white or neutral room but keeping it calming. It is also a perfect color for spring and summer but it can look perfect any season if you make the right combination. Get inspired with us today!

Light blue dining room

lightbluedecor dining room

Soft pastel blue shades mixed with gold and glass elements to create a pleasant, comfortable and charming atmosphere. The gold elements match perfectly with the blue dining chairs and add a very luxurious feeling to the room, perfect to enjoy a family diner.

Light blue kids bedroom

lightbluedecor kids bedroom

This might be a classical, but decorating your kids bedroom in light blue is always a good idea. Especially, in this case, this sky inspired bedroom by Circu is so magical and beautiful and it will make kids and parents dream!

lightbluedecor desk

The Sky Desk by Circu is perfect for this light blue rooms! it makes the perfect place to study but also create while its magic shape will increase child creativity.

Light blue kitchen

light blue decor kitchen

Light blue is also a great color to incorporate in your kitchen. Mixed with white or going all-in can make your kitchen stunning, it keeps the clean and fresh feeling but adds a colorful vibe. For the final touch, add some gold details and you will create a beautiful room!

Light blue corner

light blue decor corner

If you are a lover of simple furniture and ambiances but you wanna add some color to your home, consider painting your walls on this color. You will get the perfect amount of color that combines with almost all pieces of simple and minimalistic furniture and you won’t break the minimalistic vibe.

Light blue on dark ambiances

light blue decor dining room

If you are one of those dark furniture and ambiance lovers, you can still be using this color. In this case, we combine black furniture with blue walls to create an interesting contrast that will add color and dimension to the room brightening it up but keeping the darkness on point.

Luxury Brands

As you can see, light blue is a color that can be incorporated on any part of your home and will add the perfect amount of color, making it interesting and beautiful but keeping it bright and calming. We hope that you got inspired to incorporate this color into your home!

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