Black and white decor living room

Black and white decor to get inspired!

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When we think of black and white decor we might think about simple and boring rooms that lack creativity and interesting pieces. The truth is that when the right furniture is chosen, the peace of the white and the elegance of the black give us the perfect ambiance to relax. This isn’t enough? don’t worry, pops of color are all you need to keep things interesting.

Black and white decor

Black and white living room

The white furniture of this living room matches perfectly with the natural light creating the most clean and calm vibe. In this case, the black is only on this Delightfull lamp which gives a modern and elegant look to the room while the light blue blend perfectly with the white keeping it neutral.

Black and white dining room

The McQueen Globe Suspension lamp by Luxxu is an excellent statement piece to add a pop of elegant color to this dining room. Black, gold and white are the perfect match for a luxurious look that pairs perfectly with the modern forms of this ambiance.

Black and white hall

If you aren’t a fan of black decor, your space isn’t big enough or you want bright rooms, then let white do his magic! In this case, there is only black on the floor and the gold details spice things up. This Boca do Lobo Lapiaz Sideboard is the most stunning thing you will see today.

Black and white decor in a walk-in closet

Black and white closet

On the other hand, if you like dark colors, take a look at this walk-in closet by Luxxu. The classic black and grey mixed with gold give a masculine deluxe look for those how like modern classic furniture.

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Black and white closet

Lighten up the black with some grey is also a good idea for adding luminosity while keeping the dark mode.

Black and white decor for your bathroom

Black and white bathroom

Finally, speaking about black and white decor, we want to share with you how you can implement this bicolor style to your bathroom, by using a white background and adding black pieces to keep the space bright. In this Maison Valentina bathroom the gold accents and the black marble give a luxury feeling mixed with simple forms.

We hope that you stopped thinking that black and white decor is boring after seeing all these ideas. These colors are simple but can make the perfect ambiance. If you want to see more gold check out this post!

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