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Mixed Metals Decor To Inspire You!

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Gold, copper, silver. By itself or mixed together, mixed metals decor can add the luxurious feeling your rooms deserve. They will also add color and brighten up the room so why not see all the things metallics can do for you? You can use them only in small details or go crazy with them. However you like them, here we are to inspire you.

Mixed Metals Decor For Your Bathroom

This metallic mirror is perfect to brighten up dark ambiances. It will add color, brightness, and luxury to the room being an extraordinary piece at the same time. But why only use it in your bathroom? You can add this mirror to any room, like your bedroom or entryway!

Mixed Metals Decor For Your Kitchen

mixed metals decor kitchen

Probably adding gold pieces to your kitchen isn’t the first thing that came across your mind when you think about mixed metals decor, but the truth is that gold is the way to go if you want to add a luxury vibe to this part of the house. Mixed with black it will make your kitchen the most remarkable part of your home.

Mixed Metals Decor For Your Entryway

A metallic entryway can be a good option if you want to add mixed metals decor to your home. In this case, we went all in and incorporate metallics in almost every piece. The Ardara Console by Brabbu is the perfect statement piece for this modern look.

If golden tones are not your cup of tea but you still wanting mixed metals decor, you can use silver instead. In this case, we have a very similar ambiance, but the silver gives a totally different look. Also, the Couple Rug by Rug Society adds a subtle touch of gold for those how still need it.

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Mixed metals decor on the details

If you wanna try this style but are scared of it being too much, you can start by adding small details like these copper and blue lamps. They add color to this grey room and also match perfectly with wood!

We hope that you got inspired by these mixed metals decor ideas. There is always a way to incorporate them in your rooms and they will and elegant and stylish touch to your home!

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