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Zaha Hadid is considered as one of the best architects of the 20th century. The talented architect managed to create a lot of bright and unusual buildings and art projects that amaze with their creativity and character. But a talented person is talented in everything! The design bureau Zaha Hadid also designed bright and unusual interior items and accessories.

Zaha Hadid

The unique talent and unusual vision of the world made Zaha Hadid one of the most famous architects of the planet. The high status of this female architect confirms the award of the Pritzker Prize and commandery in the Order of the British Empire, and no less the popularity of her projects.

Zaha Hadid

Creative architecture

The key concept on which all Zaha Hadid projects are based on the design of iconic objects in the style of avant-garde and futurism. Features of her sketches:

  • There are no straight lines, only smooth, calibrated transitions of complex curves, embodied in concrete and glass algebraic formulas. Apparently, this is how her basic education at the Faculty of Mathematics showed itself. The honorary titles “Queen of the Curve” and “Queen of Forms” fully correspond to the amazing strength of the impression of her objects.
  • The perspective is intentionally distorted.
  • The total volume is divided into individual components.
  • Early projects are characterized by angular shapes, late ones – curvilinear.
  • The most famous works of Zaha Hadid (brought to life) are presented below.
Center for Contemporary Art

Center for Contemporary Art (Cincinnati, USA). This is the only museum in the United States, designed by a woman. The project was completed in 1998, there was a clear desire to break the building into separate curvilinear and acute-angled fragments.

National Museum of Art of the XXI century (Rome, Italy)

National Museum of Art of the XXI century (Rome, Italy), built 1999-2010. This complex is based on the old barracks – the largest buildings Zaha Hadid. Erected of concrete and glass, has an area of 27 thousand square meters

Opera in Guangzhou (China, 2010)
Opera in Guangzhou (China, 2010)
Civil Court Building (Madrid, Spain, 2007)
Civil Court Building (Madrid, Spain, 2007)
Opus Hotel & Serviced Apartaments (Dubai, UAE)
Opus Hotel & Serviced Apartaments (Dubai, UAE)
Football stadium (Qatar)
Football stadium (Qatar)


The design of this chair is a vivid example of mixing modern design and years of research, organized by the architectural bureau of Zaha Hadid. The chair strikes the imagination: volumetric zigzags, continuously connected into one figure, create a feeling of constant change in the shape of the chair depending on the viewing angle and the amount of light. At the same time, you will agree that the chair amazes with its elegance, singularity, and ergonomics.

Z-Chair by Zaha Hadid

Aria Transparent Chandelier

The result of the collaboration of Zaha Hadid and designer Patrick Schumacher for the Italian design bureau Slamp is an unusual almost transparent chandelier Aria Transparent. This pendant lamp is a wonderful result of the unmistakable taste of Zaha Hadid and the functionality of the innovative Cristalflex material. 50 transparent panels combined in such a way that the light gave a striking glossy effect.

Zaha Hadid and designer Patrick Schumacher for the Italian design bureau Slamp ian unusual almost transparent chandelier Aria Transparent

Adidas Originals Superstar Supershell

Sneakers of the famous sports brand Adidas Superstar series – one of the most famous and recognizable around the world! The unusual union of Zaha Hadid and musician Farell Williams has developed his own line of the popular pair of shoes. Just see how an unusual finish completely changes the look of a popular model!

Empire your home
Adidas Superstar series by Zaha Hadid

Z-car II

This concept of the car from the future just fascinates! Four-wheel model is equipped with 4 seats. This model is eco-efficient and runs on rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. Very unusual concept of the future!

 Z-car II  by  Zaha Hadid

Futuristic design in unusual areas

Attractions Zaha Hadid created not only in the field of architecture. One of her most original projects is the yacht, which resembles a fantastic spaceship, by mistake, it turned out to be floating.

Zaha Hadid created a yacht

The purpose of the Hadid shoes is not always immediately recognized due to the unusual design. The same applies to jewelry, designed according to sketches of Hadid.

Hadid shoes
Hadid shoes
Hadid jewelery

Zaha Hadid has created many bright and unusual interior items. This woman was able to create unusual and exciting architectural and design projects. Her work is known around the world!



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