Top 3 interior design trends of 2019 for your home


From a dusty pink wall color to handmade sustainable furniture pieces. 2018 was the year of the neutral colors, the minimalist interior and bronze accent. In 2019 many of these trends are not done. Discover our top 3 interior design trends for 2019 in this article.

Living room with white walls and one wall with green ferns wallpaper.

Top 3 interior design trends of 2019 for your home

Greener homes

2019 is the year of a greater interest in biophilia. This means there is a greater emphasis on nature in your home to make a stronger connection between man and nature. This translates in interior design trends where we add more natural, organic materials like wood, stone, lots of daylight and plants to our interior. We try to bring the outside inside.

Biophilia in interior design. Living room with big garden inside.

This interest in biophilia also translates in interior design trends with a need for sustainable, often handmade furniture pieces. We see as such the use of materials like jute, rice paper and clay.

Biophilia in interior design. Small reading corner with plants and a jute rug.

Feminine colors

Another one of the interior design trend sits in the colors. Last year there was an emphasis on neutral colors like beige and taupe. This year we see a trend toward feminine tones, many pink tones like blush and dusty pink are sure to liven up your rooms.

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Entryway with pink wall and a sitting bench.
Light pink living room with a shiny leather couch, movable drinking tray cart and a small dining table for four.

Flower Power

For those that are a big fan of the flower pattern, this is your year. Flower patterns are the “it”-thing to give an extra layer to your room. On wallpaper or just on fabrics it will definitely change the vibe of the room.

A room with dark green wallpaper with purple pelicans and light blue flowers.

Bold and adventurous

Lastly, we will also see another color trend, namely, a lot more bold colors appearing in 2019. This is because people are getting more adventurous and love incorporating a bold, dramatic color that fits their personality.

Dark blue living room walls with a velvet blue and yellow sofa in front of the wall.

Get creative with these interior design trends and be sure to show us the results!