The Highlights of Paris Fashion Week!

New Trends 2019

Are you a fashion lover but you missed Paris Fashion Week? Then, don’t worry because we got you! With highlights from all the shows from last week and what is yet to come!

Fashion show at Paris Fashion Week 2019


Rok Hwang kick started Paris Fashion Week on Monday February 25th, with his Teenage nightmare collection. This South-Korean designer, who trained under late Louise Wilson at Central Saint Martins and old Céline, has certainly deserved his place in the industry as the winner of the LVMH Special Prize. With his new collection at the Paris Fashion Week, he went back to his teenage years and told a story with the clothes on how they shaped the way he dresses today. As always, he brought a quite personal message within his collection!

Two models in the teenage nightmare collection by Rok Hwang


A more household name at Paris Fashion week was Dries van Noten. This year he brought a more melancholic collection with lots of grey and sober pieces. These were, however, accentuated with a floral print, but to keep the melancholic vibe going, these flowers were all withering away and as such had a darker color palette. But combined with some more vibrant colors it gave the whole collection a good balance. Giving it the typical touch of Dries van Noten.

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A model in the collection of Dries van Noten at Paris Fashion Week


Julien Dossena for Paco Rabanne on the other hand showed us a mix of the seventies inspired glam rock with the typical prints in his collection. A wide array of clashing patterns from floral to animal  gave a fresh but new styling. Although, the seventies are reinvented each year, this time Dossena managed to do it in a way that felt actually new.

Three models in the collection of Julien Dossena for Paco Rabanne at Paris Fashion Week.


Paris Fashion Week still has two more days to go, so there are still a lot of new collections to be discovered. From Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen, Miu Miu, Louis Vuitton and many more.

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