The 5 best fashion trends of spring 2019

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Each season the fashion industry shakes up the industry once again. From outrageous hats to the finest lace designs, there is always one trend that stands out. However, this year there are some trends that are easier to pull off than others. Here are the best 5 fashion trends of spring 2019!

The 5 best fashion trends of spring 2019


Kicking of the fashion trends is the colour beige. They may have gotten some fancy names but they are all just different shades of beige. The colour is also not used sparingly, no the beige trend means covering your body from head to toe in beige fabrics.

Beige from head to toe was seen all over the catwalk at PFW19.


Next up in the fashion trends of this spring is the use of handcrafted fabrics. A big new player here is lace. It is no longer a fabric that can only be openly worn by grannies, it will soon be used in all places of clothing, skirts, tops, …. you name it, it will be worn.

Lace and frills are one of the new fashion trends this spring.

Another handcrafted style that will make an appearance is macramé and fisherman weaves. The input of these artisanal crafts, however, doesn’t make the clothing any less high end.

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Handcrafted macramé and fisherman weaves make the outfits complete.


Floral prints have been quite the trend the past few years, but yet again they manage to live on in 2019. The big change for the fashion trends concerning floral patterns is that 2019 says everything goes. Patterns upon patterns and a clash of colours? Why not.

Patterned outfits by Proenza shcouler, Giambatista Valli and many more

Colourful suits

2019 is the year of suits for women. No more black, grey or white but bright, fruity colours. Spring 2019 will certainly make the working women happy to go out in colour. As for what footwear to don on your feet, a white pump or sneaker is the perfect fit.

The ultimate fashion trends include colorful suits.

Bleached jeans

Fashion trends include many fabrics but one that never gets out of style is denim. However, this spring your favourite jeans may look a bit different. With a bit of eighties denim style, it is already a revival, but the thing that really stands out is the bleached look. This light colour gives a fresh vibe and can easily look elegant.

A bleached denim look at PFW19

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