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Interior Design consists of so many different complex interdependent stuff that sometimes people are forgetting about small details, which matters the most. To remind you about the importance of such details we will show you the most iconic door hardware examples.

Door hardware designed by PullCast
Masterpieces designed by PullCast

Contemporary vibes are everywhere, small details are less obvious then big interior pieces, nevertheless have the same level of importance. Door hardware designed by PullCast in contemporary style will become a great addition to your house decor. The nature of the material has a soft movement, the material express a shape very simple but at the same time creates a sophisticated detail.

Door hardware designed by PullCast
Door hardware designed by PullCast

The shape of this door handle is enigmatic, they are gilded in bronze and create a feeling of endless surprise.

Door hardware gilded in bronze
Bronze door hardware

Crystals in the right extent will never go out of fashion. They are a constant reminder of luxury fantasy everyone wants to possess. The crystals handle is something classical but at the same time contemporary and unique. The reflections of what is surrounded are a beautiful game.

crystals door hardware
Crystals door handle

Sparkling game of light is good, but let’s not forget about more strict and official door handle in gray color. It brings a modern 20th-century taste when the industrial age took over. It looks very clean yet luxury, it adds beauty to overall outlook while not stealing attention from a door itself. These details say a lot!

strict and official door hardware in gray color
Strict and official handle in gray color

Versace Home creates this magnificent and luxury door handle in the best old fashion tradition of luxury interiors.

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 Versace door handle
Versace door handle

Studio Hanneta, on the other hand, chooses something more contemporary, very clean and powerful. The gold metal gives us this feeling of something very unique, it makes a statement and reveals a feeling of importance.

  Gold metal door handle by Studio Hanneta
Gold metal door handle by Studio Hanneta

Koket created chic black doors and very elegant gold handles. Such a design can’t be unnoticed!

 Elegant gold handles by Koket
Elegant gold handles by Koket

This vintage handle is covered with decorative elements of flowers, which reminds and connect to nature. The mixture between something so light and the metal material is so powerful and makes it desirable.

Door hardware designed by PullCast
Handles designed by PullCast



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