The top 5 bathroom trends of 2019

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Every bathroom needs an upgrade once in a while, from a change in the pipes and plumbing to different tiles and textures. So, here are the top 5 bathroom trends of 2019.

Peach colored bathroom with bath and sink in a brown tile.

The monochromatic element

Classic bathrooms are always a good way to go, but to keep it modern add a monochromatic element that seeps through the entire space. Using one color or material throughout the room can accomplish the monochromatic effect. This can result in a marble tile that is used throughout the room or a blue color that is infused in even the smallest details.

A white bathroom with turquoise accent on the cabinets and shelves.

Expand by Illusion

Everyone can get claustrophobic from time to time, to give people the illusion of a larger space you can use a large-scale backsplash or wallpaper to expand the feel of the room. This is one of the bathroom trends that not only makes you feel more at ease it also adds a fun touch to your bathroom.

A bathroom trend in green plant wallpaper.
Bathroom trends with illusion are created in this powder room with the use of a pink flower wallpaper.

Bathroom with a view

A white bathroom with multiple windows, also in front of the vanities.

One of the bathroom trends that will become big in 2019 is the vanities in front of windows. They already exist here and there, but they will certainly boom this year. And why not? If you have a beautiful view, you will want to enjoy that.

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A white bathroom with wooden accents and vanities in front of the windows.


The days of showering behind a wall or door are over. Nowadays, the concept of one big open space has taken over. We still want steel or privacy glass as a barrier but in the end, we have a bathroom that is located in the bedroom instead of next to it.

A bathtub before a big closet.
A bathroom divided from the bathroom by a glass see through sliding pane.

Classic Marble

A white marble bathroom with a shower and black vanity and shelves.

As we already said, you can’t go wrong with a classic and the bathroom trends of grey and white marble proves that. It is also timeless and can as such also give a more modern look, that just depends on how you dress the room.

A grey and white marble bathroom with a bathtub and large shower.

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