Top 9 interior design colors of 2019

DelightFULL Classic Blue

2018 was all about an edgier pallet with vibrant reds, metallics and black accent walls. 2019, however, will be more about colors that are lifestyle-based and mindful. Many brands like Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, etc. have released their colors of the year. But according to Pantone, 2019 is the year of Living Coral. But here are our top 10 picks of interior design colors for 2019.

Navy colored living room with bold yellow and white accents.

Top 9 interior design colors of 2019


Living Coral

In this category, we can find four different interior design colors that will make an appearance in 2019. The first is the living coral by Pantone. The use of the color coral immediately gives an energy boost to the room and changes the mood to be more uplifting.

A living room in one of the interior design colors of the year: living coral.

Bold Yellows

Another color that is sure to bring a more optimistic vibe are the bold yellows. Yellow in itself is a very sunny color and is very inviting towards others, making it an ideal color for 2019.

Bold Yellow reading corner in a living room that looks out on a garden.

Bold Oranges

Just as the Living Coral, bold oranges will also ensure a more optimistic vibe. They, however, are better combined with other colors, so it is not too oppressing.

A bold orange living room with grey and white accents.

Pale Pinks

A last color that falls within the hopeful and optimistic interior design colors are pale pinks. This color is not only very soothing and positive, it can also be easily combined with other colors like yellows, greys and whites.

A pale pink bedroom with grey, white and metallic accents.


Navy Colors

A navy colored bar of a hotel with gold accents throughout the room.
A navy colored living room with furniture that gives a boho vibe

Within the second category of interior design colors we can find deep saturated colors that show their full value if they are used in a room that has enough natural light. Good examples are navy colors, charcoals andgreens.



This charcoal living room with black and white accents is a refreshing interior design color.

From all the interior design colors, the charcoal is one of the most sober and gives a modern feel. It is, however, also a more challenging color because of the darkness of the shade.


Dark green bedroom with dark brown furniture

Hunters Green

Within the greens of the deep saturated colors there is also a big trend for Hunters green surfacing. This color works beautifully with natural elements and holds a more wordly vibe. The color is also gender neutral which makes it a good balance in any room.

Hunters green bedroom with brown and white finishes.
Hunters green bathroom tile with natural elements and gold finishes.

Forest Green

Another green that will become popular in 2019 is Forest green. This color brings the outdoors inside and adds a certain richness to a room.

Forest green kitchen with marble and gold finishes


Misty Blue

Our last category is dedicated to misty shades. These colors give a more calming and serene vibe to your room and the misty color that is sure to make a boom in 2019 is misty blue.

Misty blue bedroom combined with white accent walls and furniture
Misty blue kitchen with white accents walls.

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