Top 3 Art Inspiration Cities to live.

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For any artist, inspiration is one of the most important things. Some find it easily in the most mundane things, while others need something extra. There are multiple options to find inspiration, study the great artist you admire, a change of scenery or being surrounded by other creatives and artist like yourself. And why not do all of those at once? So, here is our top 3 art inspiration cities to live.

A view of a museum in Berlin by the Spree river with the fernsehturm in the background.

Top 3 Art Inspiration Cities to live.


Santa Fe has it all: affordable housing, cute bookstores and cafés, great museums and galleries, an amazing artist community and a beautiful and inspiring scenery. What more could you want?

A street in downtown Santa Fe.

Santa Fe has over 400 years of history in inspiring artists and creatives. It is a place where art, history, and culture seems to flow together as one in harmony. There is a mix of native, Spanish and Anglo cultures which makes the city a melting pot of cultures that come together to create the most amazing art. As for the galleries, they have a large number of inspiring collections and there are year long events to keep everyone busy. That the sun shines almost year round also doesn’t hurt.

A park in Santa Fe.
A wall with graffiti showing the name of the city and elements that are part of their culture.


A view over the city Lisbon.

Lisbon is an upcoming art scene and one of the hottest art capitals in Europe. They have affordable housing and are very welcoming to the artist community. There are lots of opportunities for artist due to new galleries opening all over the place.

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A square in Lisbon with a fountain and a big memorial statue in the back.

Lisbon also has a good scenery to get lots of inspiration. They have beautiful historic buildings, landmarks and striking murals and graffiti that are sure to spark some inspiration. There is also a large artist community that is very open towards collaborations. An example of this is the Village Underground, an artists hub where artists can work, relax, or host their own art show.

A tram in Lisbon with grafitti of a female face on the back.


Another mecca for artists is Berlin. It has a long-standing record for being a big artist hub. The city has a strong experimental spirit and is all for avant-garde art and as such supports artist a lot. There is an openness for new artists to showcase their work and lots of international art events for artists to visit.

A busy street in Berlin with historical buildings and the Fernsehturm in the background.

Berlin also has hundreds of art galleries and a very lively art community. Besides the many art galleries and exhibitions, Berlin is also known for its street art, green space, and sustainable lifestyle. And if that doesn’t spark some inspiration, you can always go find it in the history of the city: the Berlin wall, the WWI and WWII museums, or even way before that with the historic buildings of the Prussian era.

Part of the Berlin wall displaying graffiti art in all the colors of the rainbow.
Street art inspiration in Berlin. A graffiti painting of a giant elephants head that is holding a baloon in the form of the world.

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