3 Ideas for a garden in your city apartment.

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Everyone loves the city, but sometimes getting a break from the environment can be relaxing. However, during the week this can be quite hard. So with our three ideas for a garden in your city apartment, you can add a flair of green to your home.

A hanging garden on a wooden construction.

3 ideas for a garden in your city apartment.


Wall garden for your kitchen with herbs and spices.

A big trend for gardens in minimal spaces arevertical gardens. In this case, you can use your wall to hang pots, wicker baskets, recycling plastic bottles, you name it. You can go as creative as you’d like with many different plants and many different colors for your pots. Just make it your own piece of art to enjoy. If you really want to make your green touch in the house not only beautiful but also useful, then plant some spices and herbs and hang them in the kitchen.

A wall garden made out of plastic bottles.


A hanging garden with terrariums.

Another trend that has been seen before are hanging gardens. Pots that float above your head encased in macramé or wicker baskets. Lately, the macramé is also being combined with terrariums to give a simplistic, chic vibe. A bit more modern are the metallic pots that give a touch of boho glam, of course, a mix match of styles is also possible.

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A hanging garden in the form of a terrarium that hangs on the knot of a strong rope.


An old suitcase that has become a plant container.

The last idea is to use a furniture piece and turn it into a place where you can put all your plants. For example, an old ladder or bookcase that you don’t use anymore. You can even paint the furniture to give it another element to make your little green corner pop. Or you just include your plants in your already existing furniture.

A more modern take on furniture gardens.

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