Milan’s Design Districts Guide: Milan Design Week 2019

New Trends 2019

During the month of April of each year, the most important events in the world of design happen in Milan. Milan Design Week is defined by Salone del Mobile and Fuorisalone and during these days, the design is celebrated to the absolute best. Fuorisalone is the collection of events that happen in different districts of Milan during the Salone. So, today we present you Milan’s Design Districts Guide for 2019.

A photo of Fuorisalone of last year.

Milan’s Design Districts Guide: Milan Design Week 2019

Brera Design District

The Brera District, this year is the stage for many beautiful art installations. Here are our top picks.

Gaetano Pesche: the Up armchair

The Up armchair, underlines the treatment of women in a patriarchal society and will be the leading art installation for Milan Design Week 2019.

Where to find it: Piazza del Duomo, 20122 Milano MI, Italy

Moooi: “A Life Extraordinary”

During this year’s Salone del Mobile, Moooi is bringing a sensational brand experience. This year it moved to a new location in Milan’s district Brera. Here, the lifestyle brand will offer visitors the change to submerge themselves in a world of luxury, whimsicality and originality to showcase once more what an extraordinary life means.

Where to find it: Mediateca St. Teresa, Via della Moscova 28

Bang & Olufsen: “93 Years”

The Danish electronics brand Bang & Olufsen is sure to stun visitors this year at the Milan Design Week’s Fuorisalone exhibition with their interactive installation telling its 93-year history.

Where to find it: Via Brera, 13, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

Melissa and Campana: Special Collection and Installation

During the Fuorisalone, Melissa in collaboration with the Campana brothers will showcase an artistic installation celebrating their partnership. The art installation has crochet pieces which are assembled in a pyramidal structure in the centre of the main hall. This way, Melissa hopes to immerse the visitor in her universe and in the heritage of one of the most long-lived and successful collaborations in their history.

Where to find it: Via Palermo 1

KORAI: “Sense of Nature” Installation of Japanese Crafts Brand

With crafts from all over Japan, KORAI expresses the harmony of “nature and home” and conveys the beautiful appearance and tactile characteristics of Japanese crafts, delivering coolness to the cities of the world.

Where to find it: Galleria Seno, Via Ciovasso, 19, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

Nodus, Exto, Matì, Extendo & Leolori

This year the district of Brera also hosts an exceptional project born from the synergy of five Italian brands Nodus, Exto, Matì, Extendo, and Leolori – united by their passion for quality and research. Making it the meeting point for an amazing exhibit.

Where to find it: Basilica San Simpliciano – Piazza San Simpliciano, 7

“Essentially Diverse”

The exhibition Brazil: Essentially Diverse was brought together by a unified narrative that offers sensorial experiences. The exhibition is an expression of the plurality and colours that sprout from Brazil, presenting the uniqueness of their material culture and focusing on its roots and transformative power.

Where to find it: La Permanente – Via Filippo Turati, 34

Tortona Design District

Alex Chinneck: IQOS World

The IQOS World is a highly evocative environmental installation and site-specific environmental project. During Fuorisalone, the project will make the architecture of the buildings in front of the former manufacturing area will be the protagonists, while inside them sculptural groupings will subvert visitors’ perceptions.

Where to find it: Opicio 31 Via Tortona, 31, 20144

Rhizomatiks: Lexus Design Event – Superstudio Più

An immersive experience using lighting technology to showcase a vision for a more human-centered tomorrow was realized by the Japanese design studio, Rhizomatiks.

Where to find it: Via Tortona, 27, 20144 Milano MI, Italy


As the exhibition and communication project, reference platform of the Milan Design Week for the Asian creative scene. ASIA DESIGN MILANO has returned. Born from the partnership between Milan Space Makers and Sarpi Bridge Oriental Design Week, this year they propose a new project focusing on Israel, a country where East and West meet.

Where to find it: Via Giacomo Watt, 15, 20143 Milano MI, Italy

Lifetools: “Design For All”

On display is a line of “design for all” objects, conceived and realized in Italy to help those with permanent or temporary physical difficulties and disabilities.

Where to find it: Opicio 31 Via Tortona, 31, 20143 Milano MI, Italy


Through five days of exhibition and party, Zonca International celebrates over a century of lighting creations.

Where to find it: Via Privata Gaspare Bugatti 11/13


The international “ein&zwanzig” competition works in the area of interior and lifestyle. They address and support talented young designers with innovating ideas and pioneering works. An international jury of experts selects and awards 21 projects from design students and graduates.

Where to find it: Opicio 31 Via Tortona, 31, 20143 Milano MI, Italy


La Triennale di Milano

La Triennale di Milano houses 5 different exhibitions this year.

“Broken Nature: Design Takes on Human Survival”

Curated by Paola Antonelli, the XXII Triennale di Milano just unveiled its newest thematic exhibition. This modern art celebration explores the interaction that the humankind has with the natural environment and how we have been putting it in jeopardy for over the past years.

The stairs leading to the Broken Nature exhibit

La Nazione delle Piante

The Nation of Plants is a non-technical scientific show curated by Stefano Mancuso, one of the world’s leading experts in plant neurobiology.

Urban Center – Milano 2030

With the opening of the new Urban Center, Milan is taking part in the XXII Triennale di Milano International Exhibition. The Urban Center will hosts the Milano 2030 exhibition during the Milan Design Week.

The Milano 2030 exhibit at the Urban Center

Bernie Krause and United Visual Artists: The Great Animal Orchestra

Bernie Krause has recorded and studied the secret and complex organization of animal vocalizations by travelling the world in search of the nonhuman origins of music. He collected more than 5,000 hours of recordings of natural habitats.

Mario Bellini: Italian Beauty

For the first time in his long career, Mario Bellini has not set up the exhibition himself but has given way to the architect Dario Curatolo who has signed the exhibition project. The exhibition is a transversal journey of almost 60 years between design, architecture and exhibitions.


Where to find it: Viale Emilio Alemagna, 6, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

“5 Vie” District

Seletti Design Pride

Design Pride is the most democratic party of Milan Design Week. A parade filled with balloons, music, dancing, and performances that will last a big part of Wednesday afternoon, on April 10.

Where to find it: starts from Piazza Castello and ends in Piazza Affari

Ugo La Pietra: Territorial Design, Genius Loci

With this exhibition, Genius Loci, Ugo La Pietra is the big guest of honour chosen for the 2019 edition of Fuorisalone of the 5vie District

Where to find it: Via Cesare Correnti 14

Some designs of Ugo La Pietra for Fuorisalone

Kiki Van Eijk and Joost Van Bleiswijk

A Dutch duo who work on the limits of self-production, showing their love for materials and craftsmanship through their projects.

Where to find it: 14 Via Cesare Correnti

“Human Code” by Roberto Sironi

In the heart of the 5VIE, an installation was placed and a series of ten unpublished works have found their home in the underground spaces of the SIAM headquarters. An art exhibition during Milan Design Week that explores through art, science, and technology.

Where to find it: Fonderia Battaglia

Ventura Centrale District

Also the Ventura Centrale District holds many beautiful design projects, here are some of our favorites.

LAYER for Dekton by Benjamin Hubert: Raytrace

For Milan Design Week 2019, the British designer Benjamin Hubert has teamed up with surface specialist Cosentino to create a large architectural installation. Created through his studio LAYER, “Raytrace” features a 25-meter long and 6-meter high triangular passage seemingly balanced on a single edge within a dark, atmospheric space.

AGC: Emergence of Form

Experience an emotional space where glass and ceramic converge using AGC’s unique processing and molding technology to produce a snapshot of ever-changing natural phenomena.

The poster for the AGC Emergenc of Form exhibit at Milan Design Week 2019


Inside a vaulted warehouse at Via Ferrante Aporti 135, selected works of celebrated Brazilian masters like Geraldo de Barros, Lina Bo Bardi, and Sergio Bernardes, along with contemporary designers Claudia Moreira Salles and Fernando Prado can be viewed and enjoyed.

FREITAG: INFLUENCER – De-sinning the Designer

Swiss bag maker FREITAG and artist Georg Lendorff are inviting designers and consumers at the Milan Design Week 2019 to take a thoughtful stroll through the light and fess up to their design and consumer sins. And perhaps put some behind them.“Instead of talking about good design in Milan, why don’t we take a look at bad design?”

SKY-FRAME: A Piece of Sky

During Fuorisalone, Sky-Frame, the Swiss manufacturer of frameless sliding doors, will present “A Piece of Sky”, an installation designed by award-winning architect and designer Stephan Huerlemann.

Where to find it: Via Ferrante Aporti, 20127 Milano MI, Italy

A Piece of the sky in action by SKY-FRAME

Porta Venezia

Handmade Jewelry Workshop

During Milan Design Week you can also admire fashion design, costume jewelry entirely designed and hand-crafted in a workshop, set in the heart of Milan.

Where to find it: via Tadino 3

Voliumani by Barbara Vistarini

Dozens and dozens of small hands will rest placid on the entrance walls of the building, waiting to take off. The shapes, cut out two-dimensional on black cardboard acquire a symbolic value and are shaped like butterfly wings. Even the imperfections become narrative elements that speak of a “handmade” way that is not taken for granted.

Where to find it: Palazzo Bocconi, Venezia 48

What can be expected for Voliumani by Barbara Vistarini

Doppia Firma: A Dialogue Between Design and Artisanal Excellence

Doppia Firma 2019 brought together a collection of 19 works and small-scale series by innovative designers and master artisans from around Europe. Each object is the result of a creative exchange between a designer/artist and an artisan/manufacturer.

Where to find it: Michelangelo Foundation for Creativity and Craftsmanship

WonderGlass and nendo: Shape of Gravity

The exhibition from Fuorisalone titled Shape of Gravity features a collection of gravity formed furniture and tabletop objects handcrafted in Venice including a prodigious chandelier.

Where to find it: Istituto dei Ciechi – Via Vivaio 7, 20122, Milano

Beautiful exampls of the Shape of Gravity exhibit by WonderGlass and nendo

Isola Design District

April Key: “Ocean Drive”

April Key will present her first lighting collection Ocean Drive, a fusion between Art Deco architecture, lighting and sculptures. The exhibition will host ten of her pieces that are made out of laser cut plexiglass, while the neon pieces are handcrafted by Turkish artisans.

Where to find it:  Via Cola Montano 8

Giorgio Deplano: Campidarte

Campidarte aims to create furniture products with a modern and colorful style, which only reveal a more careful look at their composition, given by the reuse of abandoned industrial materials and components.

Where to find it: via De Castillia, 26


Milan Design Week 2019 will be the international debut of a new furniture collaboration between DesignByThem founders/designers Sarah Gibson and Nicholas Karlovasitis and Australian fashion designer Dion Lee. Besides that the Australian design house will also be showcasing over 30 of their signature pieces as well.

Where to find it: via Cola Montano, 8

Francesco Tramontano

Francesco Tramontano’s golden, silver and brass jewellery are strictly handmade. Every piece, different from the other, wants to tell the story of the Neapolitan and Mediterranean culture.

Where to find it: via Pastrengo, 21


Hartwerp‘s work goes beyond functionality and should be labeled sculptural work or installation art rather than furniture.

Where to find it: via De Castillia, 26

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