Modern kitchens to fall in love with

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The kitchen is the heart of your home. It is where you sit together with your family in the morning, where you cook up the greatest and sometimes quite outrageous ideas. It is your piece of nostalgia in your own home. So kitchens are different in every home, but everyone loves a modern, sleek one. Here are 10 modern kitchens you will fall in love with.

A black and white modern open concept kitchen.

Modern kitchens to fall in love with


Black and white

A white kitchen with a black kitchen island.

Kitchens often want to exude cleanliness without being dull. This black and white kitchen creates the perfect contrast.

All white

A modern all white kitchen.

All white kitchens play in on the cleanliness one might want. However, with a white kitchen, it is best to make it stand out by having lots of natural light or making the dining table playful and colourful.

Stainless steel

Kitchens always have some stainless steel, here is a fully stainless steel kitchen.

Every kitchen also has some stainless steel accents. from a countertop, fridge or the extractor, you can fit it in everywhere. Even a fully stainless steel kitchen can look elegant in your home. To avoid a too dark and strict vibe, add lots of natural light and elements of nature like plants and herbs.

Clean and chic

A kitchen in a clean and chic style.

For a clean aesthetic in your kitchen, lines are an important detail. However, if you want to achieve that chic feel, adding marble accents in the backsplash and the countertop will definitely help. Another thing that will help your chic feel is the added furniture elements like the chairs and lighting. Keeping hem in the same theme as the room will garuantee a more cohesive, chic vibe.


A minimalistic kitchen in white with black accents on the chairs, oven and cooker.

Minimalistic kitchens are quite sleek and have lots of straight lines. Furniture is kept to a minimum and if it isn’t attached to the wall or counter it will be stowed away in the cabinets or drawers. Minimalistic doesn’t have to mean only black and white but often is translated that way.

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Splash of color

Blue accent

 A modern kitchen with a blue accent color on the cabinets.

To give your kitchen a bit more soul, you can add a fun colour like blue to create a more personal vibe. In this case, this translates to the cabinets, but you can just as well paint the walls or add some fun decor pieces in a cohesive colour.

Eggplant accent

A sleek and elegant eggplant color adorns the kitchen cabinets below.

A deeper colour that fits right into a kitchen decor is eggplant. Just like the colour black, eggplant purple can create a nice contrast with lighter colours. And if you have a shiny gloss finish, it will only give it a more sophisticated look.

Gold accent

A white kitchen with brown and gold accents.

A last fun accent colour you should really give a try is gold. It is a good match with white and light brown kitchens. The colour gold is also more versatile to use in the kitchen. You can use gold finishes on the cooker, the sink knobs, the drawer handles, etc. It is also a colour that is more used in lighting so adding a beautiful golden suspension lamp should be easy. Furthermore, the colour also gives you a chic, luxurious feel and can be a game changer in your home.

Open concept

An open concept kitchen with light brown wooden cabinets.

A big trend, a few years ago, was the open concept kitchen. Nowadays, they are primarily used in lofts and apartments but if you like them just add them to your home. For parents, it is nice to be able to observe the kids from the kitchen while still being able to prepare dinner. Also for when you have guests over it is nice to be able to keep talking with them without having to leave the room.

Textured accents

A black kitchen with a white subway tile backsplash and hanging lights.

Kitchens often have multiple textures, however, some people like to keep it to a minimum so it won’t be distracting. But when done right the variety of textures will give you a more homely vibe. You can use different textures for your countertop and your kitchen island, add some wooden accents with your chairs and cabinets. Also metallics can be subtle, yet colourful just look at the sink and fridge. It may look a bit eclectic but for a personal vibe, more textures are better.

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