Get to know the Covet International Award winner at Milan Design Week!

Get to know the Covet International Award winner at Milan Design Week!

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The winners per category are known and you have voted for the best of the best of 2018. This week it was finally the time to announce to you the ultimate winner of the Covet International Award 2018. If you don’t know what the Covet International Award is, read more about it here!

Get to know the Covet International Award winner at Milan Design Week!

Get to know the Covet International Award winner at Milan Design Week!

Covet International Award

The Covet International Awards contest is a competition that looks for interior design projects that elevate design and craftsmanship. Organised by Covet House and partners BHRANDS FOUNDATION and COVETED Magazine, they aim to find the world’s most outstanding projects where Design modernizes craftsmanship. They want the projects to value the fine arts & crafts while also making the end result look like a luxurious yet functional space.

They already hosted the Covet Awards the previous years in Paris and Milan but for 2018 they wanted to crick it up a notch by making it an international competition instead of design limited to the city.

ASYA by PTang Studio Limited

The winner of this year’s and the first Covet International Awards was PTang Studio Limited with their work on ASYA Sales Gallery Design Concept. The project that made them win is located in Jakarta, Indonesia and is a family orientated project. The concept has lots of family ancestry in its roots with the realisation for the Reception sculpture they made that even more striking. The sculpture represents the abstraction of a tree and further anchors the idea of lineage and heritage.

Besides the family ancestry in their work, they also included a various amount of architectural elements. They made use of lighting and partition features and gave the different spaces a structure that has interconnecting elements. The combination of all these elements cause the home to convey a sense of comfort and protection and made them ultimately the best of the best for the Covet International Award.

About PTang Studio Limited

PTang Studio Limited was founded in 1997 and has since developed a wide range of projects. They have done everything from small scale residences to showrooms as well as larger commercial and corporate projects. As for the locations of their works, you can find them all over The world, in China, United Kingdom, Japan, etc.


Most important to them is their philosophy by which they design. They find it important to create spaces for their clients that bring them the most comfortable atmosphere. This results taking into account a lot of individual preferences of the client while designing and developing a new project.

Their goal has always been to offer the best and highest quality, while still delivering fresh and unique projects while breaking free from conventional future design visions. Gotten inspired then enlist for the Covet International Award for 2019.

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