Top 5 highlights of Salone del Mobile 2019!

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The Salone del Mobile has only just ended, but for those that couldn’t attend or might have missed something, you can discover the highlights of the event here! From the newest collections to the craziest design. Get to know the highlights you might have missed here!

A look at the highlights in the showroom of Boca do Lobo

Top 5 highlights of Salone del Mobile 2019!

Design Holding’s Debut

New furniture and lighting group, Design Holding made a spectacular debut at iSaloni. This design group under which big brands reside like B&B Italia, Flos and Louis Poulson has made sure to be unforgettable by starting their debut show at Salone del Mobile with one of the biggest stands ever.

The lighting designs of Floss in the Design Holding's booth

Their booth covered 4.000 square metres and included besides the displays of the three brands, also a private area and a mezzanine. The reason for the need of such a big display area? The three brands needed the space to give the people a good view of all their products.

Boca do Lobo’s new limited edition collection

The Portuguese furniture brand, Boca do Lobo,  was sure to wow again this year. As part of our top 5 highlights at Salone del Mobile Boca do Lobo did more than bring design, they brought new design concepts for 2019 and even showcased their newest all exclusive limited edition collection.

Another look at the showroom of Boca do Lobo which showcases their exclusive limited edition collection.

As a dedicated luxury brand, Boca do Lobo presents modern furniture design which are personalized, handmade, have dramatic curves and lines while still manage to bring a softness to the design with soft fabrics and neutral colors.

The glass cabinet of Vitra and Panasonic

The highlights in technoligcal innovation couldn’t match the big innovative and technological revelation that came from the collaboration between Vitra and Panasonic together with designer Daniel Rybakken. For Milan Design Week, they decided to create a concealed Vitrine television. The prototype, which was shown, was made of a normal wooden frame with what looked like a single pane of glass at an angle.

The glass cabinet by Vitra and Panasonic when the TV is not on.

However, when they turned on the TV, it became clear that the glass was in fact an OLED screen. With all the electronic components hidden in the frame, the television blends in with the living space environment. The object is a careful balance between art and design and this innovation just gives the future of interior design so many possibilities.  

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The glass cabinet by Vitra and Panasonic has transformed itself into a TV.

The first ever artificial intelligence chair designer.

Among the highlights, the chair made by artificial intelligence to be put into production takes the crown. As an initiative by Philippe Starck, Autodesk and Kartell, they launched their chair designed by an AI at the Salone del Mobile.

The Chair designed by AI is one of the biggest highlights at Salone del Mobile.

What made the design so much different from others was the minimal use of materials to create a still comfortable chair and the fact that the design was not influenced by culture, memories or other outsider influence.

Delightfull’s newest pieces

At the booth of Delightfull, you could travel back in time with Delightfull’s mid-century design pieces and discover their highlights. At Salone del Mobile, the lighting brand gave a unique experience with its iconic pieces named after influential artists between the 40s and 70s.

The new lighting pieces of Delightfull shine at Salone del mobile.

And while you were sipping on some typical Porto wine, you could also admire Delightfull’s newest pieces the Carter suspension lamp and the Neil wall lamp. Named after the iconic first man on the moon Neil Armstrong and President Jimmy Carter.

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