Feminine features in interior design decor

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Furniture can take many forms and shapes, round, oval, square or just something at random. However, many designs always have a muse. Here are some furniture pieces that included the feminine features of their muses in their design.

The Mira collection moodboard. Feminine features are displayed on the Mir(age cabinet and the Mira rug.

Feminine features in interior design decor

The Vengeance table lamp by KOKET

KOKET is very well known for incorporating fine details in to their work. For their Vengeance table lamp they incorporated feminine features in the form of hands to support the story behind the piece. As they say it, the hands is seeking retribution and trying to find for what is rightfully hers.

TheVengeance table lamp by KOKET displays feminine features in the form of hands.

Mira rug by Rug Society

Another brand that incorporated feminine features into their work is Rug Society. For their Mira rug, they constructed a face out of different kind of shapes onto the rug. The way in which they made the face reminds many of the cubism painting style and Modigliani’s way of painting portraits. Rug Society themselves see it as a journey through a communion of cultures and style. Are you not into rugs, together with Home’s Society, they also have a Mira collection which includes a cabinet in the same style.

The Mira rug displays feminine features at its best.

The Vinicius dining table by Essential Home

Less obvious is the Vinicius dining table, this furniture piece may look quite ordinary but has still the feminine shape of an hourglass, which is a wink to the body type that some women strive for.

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The Vinicius dining table may not look to have feminine features but the shapes says otherwise.

Tongue-in-Cheek chair by Peter Harvey

Made from Glass reinforced plastic, the Tongue-in-Cheek chairs speak for themselves. Attainable in multiple different flashy colours, this product with feminine features has a fluid and sensual nature but also is the perfect chair for indoor and outdoor use.

The Tongue-in-Cheek chair displays the feminine features of the female mouth.

The Tabu cocktail table by KOKET

Our last piece is again by KOKET, but it is abundantly clear that the female body plays a big role in this design piece. Not only do they take up the biggest part of the Tabu cocktail table design, the golden-coated legs draw most of the attention. As they say, it is the ideal conversation starter for a party.

Most obvious are the feminine features displayed in the Tabu cocktail table by KOKET.

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