Discover unique velvet bar chairs you need to sit in!

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When at a hotel, waiting in a lounge or at the bar you want to feel comfortable and nothing is as comfortable as a smooth, velvety bar chair. Today, you can discover some amazing velvet bar chairs you need to sit in and where you can find them!

Bordeaux velvety bar chairs

Discover unique velvet bar chairs you need to sit in!

Ibis bar chair by Brabbu

Where to find it: Le Pain Français, AB Gothenburg, Sweden.

The Ibis bar chair in charcoal grey.

Based on the beautiful ibis bird, the Ibis chair by Brabbu has taken its inspiration from the long slim legs of the birds and their natural elegance. The chair has a nice refined velvety upholstering and is available in three different colours, namely charcoal grey, moss green and plaza taupé. Do you want to enjoy a fine drink while sitting in this amazing chair, then a visit to the bakery, the Pain Français in AB Gothenburg, Sweden is a must!

Le pain Français in gotenburg Sweden houses the Ibis bar chair by Brabbu.

Collins bar chair by Essential Home

Where to find it: Hotel Buenos Aires, Argentine

The collins bar chair in a velvety black colour.

For a more historical velvety chair, the mid-century modern Collins chair brings a beautiful glamour to any room. The Collins chair by Essential Home has a crescent open back and is design with sleek lines. The upholstery can be done in any velvet colour you would like and accentuated with the glossy black legs and polished brass details, the bar chair is a luxurious statement in any home. The beautiful Collins bar chair can be admired and also sat in at the Hotel Buenos Aires in Argentine!

The collins bar chair in the Hotel Buenos Aires in Argentine.

Malay bar chair by Brabbu

Where to find it: Sir Nikolai Hotel, Hamburg, Germany

The Malay bar chair by Brabbu is a beautiful masterpiece.

This velvety bar chair by Brabbu has been inspired by the diverse cultures in the Malay archipelago. Cultures from countries such as Indonesia, the Philippines and Singapore all had a hand in the design of the Malay chair. This bar chair available in simply taupé, Amber or Ink blue has a mystical soul that gives off an energy of nature in your home. Always wanted to know what a mystical and eastern inspired chair feels like? Discover it in the Sir Nikolai hotel in Hamburg, Germany.

Discover the Malay bar chair in the Sir Nikolai Hotel in Hamburg, Germany.

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