Top 3 dining room chandeliers you need to see!

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Every dining room needs that bit of luxury and what is better than a beautiful chandelier to give that little bit extra? Discover our top 3 of dining room chandeliers you need to see!

The Eternity I is an impressive chandelier for your dining room.

Top 3 dining room chandeliers you need to see!

Babel chandelier by Luxxu

The Babel chandelier by Luxxu completes any dining room.

Inspired by the myth of the tower of Babylon, Luxxu made the Babel chandelier, which is luckily a finished piece. This beautiful lighting piece is absolute elegance and exudes a sophisticated air. The piece itself is a fantasy brought to life. For the making of the Babel chandelier, they included only the best quality materials: real, lush crystals, brass finishes in multiple colours, from gold and nickel to copper and aged brass. The lighting piece weighs about 190 kg and has a diameter of 1.2 meters and is 2.33 meters in height. It is a perfect addition to your dining room and will keep even the youngest guests entertained.

The Babel chandelier is an enormous lighting piece by Luxxu.

Brubeck spiral by Delightfull

Delightfull was inspired by Dave Brubeck for the Brubeck spiral chandelier.

Delightfull took its inspiration for the Brubeck spiral from the exponential changes the style of Dave Brubeck brought to the jazz world. For the lighting pieces, this means an implementation of the enchanting mid-century modern style to make a beautiful statement piece. The spiral case that makes up most of the lighting piece represents the way Dave Brubeck used to touch the piano and create amazing melodies. The piece itself is handmade in brass and can be personalized  with finishes in 31 different materials to suit your style. The chandelier weighs around 190 kg or 418 lbs and has a diameter of 1.5 meter and a height of 2.67 meters. The Brubeck spiral chandelier is a enormous lighting pieces that is an eye-catcher that will keep the conversation easily flowing during your dinners.

The brubeck spiral chandelier by Delightfull is a fenomenal lighting piece.

Eternity I by KOKET

A beautiful master piece is the Eternity I chandelier by Koket

The last chandelier you should definitely take a look at is the Eternity I by KOKET. The Eternity I is a brilliant and skilful work of art and its elegant silhouette is covered in crystals wrapped in gold plated brass, which adds amazing detailing to the piece. The piece can be personalized by changing the gold brass to nickel or gold or adding a high gloss or matte finish. The crystals can also be adapted to be clear, black or in amber glass. The lighting piece has a diameter of 0.8 meters and is 0.28 meters high but for a smaller scale chandelier, it does weigh an impressive 31 kg or 68 pounds. As a light source, it is very bright and wonderful to look at. For your dinner guests, it shall be a nice change to eat under a beautiful artwork.

The eternity I chandelier made in crystal with gold plated brass.

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