The 5 best summer home decor ideas for 2019

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The summer is out of the door and it’s time to change to summer home decor. We will give you 5 top ideas for your interior and outdoor decor.

The summer trend of recycled interiors in action in this beautiful home in Puglia, Italy

The 5 best summer home decor ideas for 2019


We already saw that the fashion industry has started reinventing patterns and this is also translated in the interior design world. Animal prints are back in and flower patterns are a big trend this summer. Furthermore, mixing these styles gives your house a fun eclectic vibe, throw in some more fresh and cool colours and you have the perfect colours to lighten up your home during the summer.

Patterns are back and this summer the more the merrier. In an Ikat pattern or flower power even animal print is good to go in your interior.

Mid-century furniture

The key ingredients to mid-century design are sleek lines and an understated simplicity. The mid-century style has been reintroduced over the years an has proven to suit many minimalist fans. We’re not sure how long the trend will stay around but we predict it will be a while.

The Amy table lamp by Delightfull is a good example of the mid-century furniture trend for this summer.

A nice lighting piece in the mid-century design style to add to your summer interior is the Amy table lamp by Delightfull. This Amy Winehouse inspired lighting piece is a simple and sleek model that will easily fit into your home.

Bold outside colours

When it comes to outdoor decor, some parts are easily overlooked like your doors or window sills. To add a bit of flair to your home this summer, painting your door in a bright, vivid colour is a nice way to add your personality to your outside decor. There are many colours that will do a lively green or sunny yellow can do the trick but going for an orange or pink will add that much more unique style to your home. You can even use the Pantone colour of the year, Living Coral. It matches well with a blue colour and makes for a fresh pallet.

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Bold colours on your doors make for a refreshing pallet this summer.

Scalloped shapes

Another era that has been popping up in design pieces is art deco. In particular, the scalloped shapes have made a revival and who doesn’t love a comfy, shapely chair? Add in some bold colours in combination with a nice print or pattern to give you that layered decorative look and voila! A perfect cosy chair to relax in during the summer months.

The gable chair by Essential Home is a perfect addition to any dining room and with its scalloped shape it is the perfect summer trend.

The Gable dining chair by Essential Home is a perfect example of this summer trend. The chair has a nice scalloped shape and is also available in a range of bold, vivid colours. It is an ideal addition to your dining room.

Recycled interior

More and more we have started making an effort to live more sustainable and this has also started to be conveyed in the design pieces you can buy. Many big furniture producers and manufacturers have started using recycled materials to be more environmentally-friendly and to be more sustainable. Adding a nice recycled piece to your summer decor won’t only be pretty, it will also be good for your ecological footprint.

The recycled furniture by Yardbird is a nice, ecological addition to your summer outdoor decor.

Can you imagine that this outdoor furniture by Yardbird has been fully made out of recycled ocean plastic! They are not only giving people beautiful design pieces, they are also saving the sea life!

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