The summer colours of 2019 you need for your home!

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The days have been getting warmer and warmer, flowers have started blooming and we see more and more birds joyfully chirping around. Summer is here and we know it, but are you already summer ready in your home? Here are the best summer colours of 2019!

The summer colours of 2019!

The summer colours of 2019 you need for your home!


For the summer of 2019, the colours can be divided in 5 categories, the first of which is red colours.


As the name says this orange red colour is a party on its own. It is a powerful colour and is sure to make the adrenaline pumping. It can be a very sensual colour and as such is mostly recommended to be used in master bedrooms.

Summer colours will astound you like this Fiesta red.

Jester Red

Another red colour which is certain to be big this summer is Jester Red. Just as the other red colours it adds a depth and intensity to rooms. However, this one can be used outside the bedroom. Dining areas, in particular, will be good rooms to make the colour stand out. However, don’t paint the entire room in this colour but instead, use it as an accent colour to one of the walls or to use in some textiles like cushions and curtains.        

Within the summer colours of 2019 you can find the intense jester red.


Pink Peacock

In the pink category, Pink Peacock is a feast for the eyes. It promotes love and sexuality as well as femininity it is a soothing colour for people in nursing homes and for little children. It still has a red undertone but instead of stimulating and making us more active, this colour will get you to ease your mind. However, don’t add too much pink colours to one room, because then it can become a bit too much for anyone to handle.

Pink Peacock is one of the most vibrant colours this summer.

Pressed Rose                   

Another Pink colour that is perfect for a nursery is the pale pink Pressed rose colour. It holds an aura of romance and sentimentality, while also representing femininity. It is a very soothing colour and is used to portray love, care and affection in one’s home. However, too much pink colours can undo the effect you want to create.   

Pressed rose is one of the softest pink colours.



After the red and pink colours, we have the yellows and this summer they are dominating the colour palette. The first colour that will stand out this summer is Turmeric, with its vibrant colour it will infuse any decor with a hint of pungency. It is a colour that helps your emotional wellbeing and stimulates extravagancy. Yellow is known to bring happiness, optimism and confidence and with the colour Turmeric it is no different. However, for people that suffer from depression or anxiety, this is a colour you don’t want to use in their home.

Turmeric is on eof the yellow colours that should be used sparingly.

Lemon Verbena               

The next colour that will be a big hit this summer is Lemon Verbena. This bright yellow colour brings a light and sunny feeling into your home and is best used to liven up small and dark rooms. As the other yellow colours, Lemon Verbena also holds that feeling of optimism but besides that, it also boosts your self-esteem.

Vibrant colours for your home include Lemon Verbena and other yellow colours.

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Mango Mojito           

Are you looking for a more golden yellow this summer, then the Mango Mojito is the colour for you! Its golden yellow with hints of orange not only sounds like a cocktail, it looks like one too. Among the yellow colours, this one gives you a sense of physical comfort and is a colour that is prefered by restaurants to make their customers feel at ease and stimulate their happiness while eating delicious food.  

Mango Mojito is the summer colour that will pop up the most.


Pepper Stem

Green colours always find their way into the summer colours. They are refreshing and make you feel close to nature, just as the colour Pepper Stem. Besides feeling close to nature it also gives you a sense of peace and harmony. However, adding too much of the colour can make a room a bit bland.

Combining Pepper Stem with Yellow accent colours will give it a more balanced vibe.

Terrarium Moss

A darker shade of the green colours that will pop up this summer is Terrarium Moss. Just as many other green colours, it inspires thoughts of nature and natural beauty. The use of this colour is best in living rooms and dining areas to create a balance and promote optimism. However, an abundance of this colour may result in emotions of anger and frustration.

Terrarium Moss is the green colour that will sooth anyone.


Princess Blue       

The last category includes blue colours and here we find Princess blue as the summer colour within the category of 2019. Princess blue is a royal blue colour that will catch anyone’s attention when used in the correct amount and with the right lighting. The colour itself is quite soothing and will help you think better and clearer. This colour is best used in spaces you like to work a lot, like your home office or even the kitchen. Furthermore, blue colours often give a vibe of a larger space, but when used incorrectly it can come over as being cold and unemotional.   

Princess Blue will give another vibe to the room.

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