Rooftop view of 152 Elizabeth Street building, created by Tadao Ando


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World famous architecture and Pritzker Prize winner Tadao Ando has publically debuted on the rooftop terrace penthouse of his leading project in New York City. 152 Elizabeth Street masterpiece was fully designed by the Japanese architect and named after its location address, in Nolita, Manhattan.

<img src="152 Elizabeth Street" alt="Specious terrace of 152 Elizabeth Street building, created by  Tadao Ando ">

The residence consists out of 2 floors, which are connected by a spacious enclosed spiral staircase, 4 bedrooms, 4 and a half bathrooms and emphatically big windows as a cherry on the top of a delicious cake. This noble piece of luxury architecture is mostly inspired by modern Japanese aesthetics – the focus of which is concentrated on representing a luxurious yet minimalist environment that promotes peacefulness and extremely important exclusivity.

<img src="152 Elizabeth Street" alt="Side view of 152 Elizabeth Street building, created by  Tadao Ando ">

152 Elizabeth Street building was not at all a secret project; ever since its design plans were released, it has been cited across the globe. And this is not strange, it has a fascinating interior, obviously, but what makes is outstanding and unique amount grey concrete Manhattan jungles is the real one – a living green wall out of plants that covers it from top to bottom on one side. Michael Gabellini from Gabellini Sheppard Associates was Ando’s main interior furnishing collaborator.

<img src="152 Elizabeth Street" alt="Green side view of152 Elizabeth building, created by  Tadao Ando ">

Furniture and accessories were provided by New York’s DDC and Atelier Courbet stores. The apartment is framed by the works of the Yossi Milo Gallery from Chelsea.

“A soft and soothing neutral color palette, as well as various stones and textures, create a chic, yet cozy atmosphere,” says the developer.

<img src="152 Elizabeth Street" alt="152 Elizabeth Street building interior, created by  Tadao Ando ">

Typical for Ando monolithic concrete, used by him in many projects, ranging from a house in Sri Lanka to a fashion store in Milan, is the main characteristic of a seven-story building. It is also distinguished by the abundance of glazed facades on the streets of Kenmare and Elizabeth. In one of the interviews, Ando said that he wanted to create something special out of this building, something that “only Japanese is capable of doing”.

<img src="152 Elizabeth Street Model and Tadao Ando" alt="152 Elizabeth building, with its architect Tadao Ando ">

Ando has created a masterpiece through his unique, patient work with concrete and steel and plenty more another ultra luxurious fine points, ranging from its white-walled interior laid on Danish oak floors, to its total 3 separate outdoor areas.

<img src="152 Elizabeth Street" alt="Rooftop view of 152 Elizabeth Street building, created by  Tadao Ando ">

Amount which there are private terrace on its first floor, decorated with its own customized waterfall, a balcony adjacent to the master bedroom situated above, and a larger third terrace that could itself be another residence entirely, it has own set of kitchen, lounge, fireplace, shower and bath, all of them outdoors. As you can see Tadao Ando have made an accent on nature, his aim was to create his own private paradise in between busy city life.  

<img src="152 Elizabeth Street" alt="Rooftop view of 152 Elizabeth Street building, created by  Tadao Ando ">

Just in case you were planning to start saving up, let us stop you right there – the penthouse was sold before even actually put on sale and for not a cent less than US$35 million. But hey, gazing is free and totally worth it!

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