Trendiest Mid-Century Modern House In Porto From Inside

DelightFULL Classic Blue

Covet Valley is an incredible mid-century modern design project that will take you back in time! The interior design of this fascinating place combines incredible retro vibes with a drop of a modern twist and represents one of the biggest trends in 2019! Are you ready to go back to the 60s? Then keep on reading Trendiest Mid-Century Modern House In Porto From Inside!

Trendiest Mid-Century Modern House In Porto From Inside

This amazing mid-century modern house, which is located near the beautiful Douro river, will surely amaze you. It is much more than just design showroom, the Covet Valley is a mid-century design magic pice. It was built in the 1960s and managed to keep its mid-century architectural vibes by featuring stunning geometric patterns and large windows that make this house a perfect match to its natural surroundings.

Douro, a UNESCO’s World Heritage Place

Covet Valley if proudly overlooking one of Europe’s most breathtaking landscapes – the Douro, a UNESCO’s World Heritage Place. It is the most suitable place for such an amazing design wonder. Featuring beauty from inside and outside by mixing modern with longlasting nature!

Inside interiors are filled by breathtaking selection of mid-century modern furniturelighting, and accessories from Europe’s top brands. We guarantee that this amazing modern house can easily beat even the most iconic cites of Hollywood.

Retro collections of DelightFULL, Essential Home and Rug Society

This incredible place managed to combine the most fashionable American concepts with the pure Portuguese soul. Vintage design lovers will be pleased by this dream house fully decorated with the best retro collections of DelightFULL and Essential Home.  Portugal is an exceptional country, while Portuguese people skilled artisans, which prepared unique handmade pieces especially for this place.

Botti Chandelier by DelightFULL

Now let’s take a closer look inside this wonderland! Undoubtfully, the star of the living room decor is this amazing Botti Chandelier by DelightFULL an extraordinary lighting design of which was inspired by the legendary American trumpet player, Chris Botti. With a structure handmade in brass and boasting a sophisticated gold-plated finish, this mid-century lighting design pays tribute to the inspiring Jazz music and showcases the high-quality craftsmanship.

Bertoia dining table as the centerpiece, created by Essential Home

Next on our inside tour is this stunning dining room. Here luxury and elegance meet each other in a seductive setting of the fabulous Bertoia dining table as the centerpiece. This creative piece by Essential Home consists of a modern dining table with a capacity for 8 people, making it the beautiful and strong statement piece for any dining room design.

Brabbu created here its own unique story with its vintage furnishings, like the Maya Armchair, the Cyrus Table Lamp, the Mambu Bookcase and the Baraka Bedside table!

Watch out, next is the master bedroom you would never wish leaving! Here living coral trend went to the next level blend into this luxury modern furniture designs combination.  Brabbu created here its own unique story with its vintage furnishings, like the Maya Armchair, the Cyrus Table Lamp, the Mambu Bookcase and the Baraka Bedside table!

Essential Home, with its new Marco armchair

Of course, this mid-century modern house kept the tradition of sophisticated aristocrats, featuring peaceful reading corner. And who could design it better than incredible Essential Home, with its new Marco armchair? This fascinating furniture design is part of a beautiful collection that brings a comfortable and stylish shape, prepared to elevate the decor of any project.

DelightFULL once again did impossible and created the most unique wall lighting sconce called Brubeck
Edith sideboard designed by Essential Home

Want to impress your guests with the most wonderful mid-century modern home decor? Than this furniture and lighting combination is a nice way to do that! DelightFULL once again did impossible and created the most unique wall lighting sconce called Brubeck, which were inspired by the timeless musical instrument that is the pipe organ and one of the foremost exponents of jazz, Dave Brubeck. And what could be a better match than this silky texture on the Edith sideboard designed by Essential Home

Douro, a UNESCO’s World Heritage Place

If you are fascinated the same as we are with this breathtaking interior design of this beautiful mid-century modern house you can book a personal tour and see it with your own eyes!

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