Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom Styles and Inspirations

Bathroom Trends by Maison Valentina

With our awesome inspiration ideas creating the perfect Master Bedroom will be much easier. While being the most private and personal room at home, your bedroom decor can be as calm or wild as you like. It’s a perfect space where you can implement your individual style and create a look you will love!

Master Bedroom Collection from Boca do Lobo, Crochet Nightstand

In decorating terms, “traditional” refers to a style that is firmly anchored in the past, but it does not have to mean boring, dated, fussy, or a roomful of antiques. Instead, traditional style embraces classic design, the symmetrical placing of furnishings, rich color schemes, and a comfortable, yet slightly formal, vibe. Everything combined with this elegant Beside Table from Master Bedroom Collection from Boca do Lobo, Crochet Nightstand.

Wave Nightstand by Boca do Lobo

Boca do Lobo, a harmonious agreement, and concord of Portuguese design, that brings a unique high to live. Inspired by a tall structure, taller than it is wide, often by a significant margin, distinguished from masts by their lack of guy-wires and are, therefore, along with tall buildings, self-supporting structures, the Wave Nightstand has one drawer and five vertical shelves, with a glass and lacquered look. It will make the best accent in your master bedroom!

 Created by Boca do Lobo - The Diamond nightstand

Created by Boca do LoboThe Diamond, from the ancient Greek term “unbreakable”, is inspired by precious stones and their discreet, yet powerful nature. A piece ready to accommodate any bedside essentials, bringing real personality to the master bedroom.

master bedroom designed by Brabbu

This master bedroom set breathes sophistication and glamour thanks to the nº 20 armchair and cyrus floor light created by Brabbu.

master bedroom designed by Koket

As Koket’s original boudoir temptress, the Forbidden Bed embodies all that is sultry seductive. The sensuous union of the lips and body bring out emotions which lead to enticement and temptation just like a magnificent moment that never ends. Hand carved fully upholstered headboard delicately accented with metal leaf.

master bedroom designed by Koket

This incredible master bedroom designed by Koket will bring you joy and great relaxation space. Calm and tempting at the same time, it will suit any taste!


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