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Orange Makes a Bold Statement in 2020


In 2020 orange alongside with yellow are expected to be two main colors to be used in the interior design industry. These two bright patterns will certainly be used when it comes to decorative accents, art pieces, and furnishings. Today we would like to talk about this unique color into more details and hope to inspire you for new interior projects with usage of the unique orange vibe.

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The orange color, inspired by the rich terracotta pattern will come up into new light to embody a special rusty quality. On the other hand, colors such as yellows, while and cheery will be more muted in finish albeit, there will be no comprising on its vibrancy or alluring draw.

 Marco armchair  by Essential Home
Marco armchair by Essential Home

Orange naturally associates in our mind with the shades of pumpkin and summer fruit. The uniqueness of orange color consists of its variability and adaptability.

Florence Stool by Essential Home
Florence Stool by Essential Home

There are a variety of oranges like terracotta, tangerine, rust, ochre, and other earthy tones that move either into the yellow or brown realm. When used broadly can be a bit risky, however, everything depends on idea and design project.

 Dandridge Bar Chair by Essential Home
Dandridge Bar Chair by Essential Home

Tangerine Tango can be considered as one of the most popular shades of orange. This unique tone reminds us about romantic shadings of a sunset, where passionate red and happy yellow meets together to create a harmony. This gives origin to a highly visible and magnetic color that exudes a sense of heat and energy.

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Edith Sideboard by Essential Home
Edith Sideboard by Essential Home

This color is best used for home accessories, such as pillows, bedspreads and tabletop items as it provides an unexpected pop of color to the entire decor.


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