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Even the most stylish and harmonious interior can be ruined by improper lighting. The decoration of the walls, floor, and the ceiling, the choice of furniture and accessories, their placement in space alone cannot give a complete effect. Every designer knows that light plays a crucial role in the visual perception of the room as a whole. Therefore, if the task is to create a truly impressive interior, the development of modern lighting solutions should be carefully thought through.

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Naturally, the applied classical ancient techniques undergo certain changes due to the use of modern technologies and innovations, which not only does not diminish their value but, on the contrary, makes it possible to combine antiquity with the requirements of progress. Modern classical crystal chandeliers, wall lighting, floor lighting, designed in the strict classical style, perfectly perform the functions of lighting, while bringing sophistication and respectability into the interior. And of course one can not fail to mention the trend direction of classical lamps such as chandeliers and Tiffany lamps.

 BOTTI Suspension Lighting by DelightFULL
BOTTI Suspension Lighting by DelightFULL


Loft (retro) refers to a fair freestyle of interior design. This is a kind of mixture of all the best that lighting can bring into the house, but do not think that the designer will not add an element of anarchy to the project. The loft is suitable to a large space in the interior, therefore, the lighting should be thought out more carefully. The loft-style provides an extraordinary variety, practically unlimited in the selection of lamps and decor for them.

 DIANA Floor Lighting by DelightFULL
DIANA Floor Lighting by DelightFULL


High-tech is a mixture of constructivism with high technology, whose rapid development and widespread introduction into all spheres of life and became the basis for creating a new trend in design. Date of birth of this ultra-modern style is considered the revolutionary 60s of the last century. High-tech lighting is close to minimalism, it is distinguished by simplicity and at the same time functionality and ergonomics, wide use of modern technologies.

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 LETTER E Graphic by DelightFULL
LETTER E Graphic by DelightFULL


Modern has replaced eclecticism that has outlived itself at this point. Distinctive features of the modern style are simplicity and brevity, which have replaced the pathos and conservatism of the classical styles. The “modern” style in design has round or broken lines, asymmetry, multi-level design, rejection of right angles. It is modern that is the style where it is possible to optimally combine functionality with decorativeness, without sacrificing one to the other. This design has brought newness and originality, the rejection of monumentality, encouraged bold experiments and focused on naturalness. The preference here is given to natural materials: stone and wood, leather and glass. The decor of lighting in the style of “modern” – is not puffy exposed luxury and chic, but a delicate and subtle manifestation of status and prestige.

STANLEY Floor by DelightFULL
STANLEY Floor by DelightFULL


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