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We like to share with you the best inspiration and interior design insights. Therefore, today we are going to reveal the story behind the creation of the Graphic Collection by incredible DelightFULL. This collection truly represents the soul of the lighting brand and brings up to life innovation in its bold form. But how did DelightFULL’s designers came up with the idea of creating this collection? Keep on scrolling and let’s find out everything about this colorful collection that was featured by the most stunning lighting brand!

Los Angeles

Everyone knows that LA is an inspirational place, no wonder it all started when DelightFULL’s designers visited this beautiful city and fell in love with the eccentricity and colorful lights of the place. They realized that the DelightFULL’s DNA is truly connected to full of attraction and emotions LA spirit. Breathtaking downtown, an architectural resurgence of DTLA, the stunning buildings, and unique museums… This and many more became exactly the kind of inspiration the designers were seeking. And they found it!

Las Vegas Neon Museum

Las Vegas Neon Museum played a particularly important role in the new DelightFULL’s collection inspiration. This museum is breathing with a unique design and art that catch the attention of every single person. 150 historic neon signs are gathered and presented there. Itself gazing at it is already incredible!

  Marquee lamps made for DelightFULL’s new collection

Marquee lamps made for DelightFULL’s new collection are bright and eye-catching they create a feeling of celebration. Inspired by the neon lights of LA, each lighting letter is based on a wide selection of iconic type fonts with a modern twist. 

 Graphic Collection by DelightFULL

 Graphic Collection would be suitable for hotels and clubs, or any other place that needs to add a party vibe. In a way it has revolutionized the lighting concepts of the design industry, arriving in the form of letters, numbers or symbols.

 Graphic Collection by DelightFULL

The DelightFULL new collection has a wide variety of options from which you can choose the graphic lamp that would fit the most to your personality and design idea. You can go for a charming, casual and charismatic letter C, which is the prime of sleekness in any interior or exterior (or both) design project. With white LED applied in the original typography, this graphic letter is inspired in the golden years of Broadway.  

Casual and charismatic letter C

And if you have one date that you totally want to mark forever, the numbers graphic lamps will help you out with that!

Numbers graphic lamps by DelightFULL


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