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Who is Beata Heuman? Being included in the 2020 AD100 list and Elle Decor’s 2019 A-List, Beata Heuman is one of the top interior designers at the moment and quite justifiably in our opinion. The Swedish young designer, who lives in London, started unconventionally her career in interior design. As a child, she obsessed over her doll’s house, constantly rearranged her bedroom and sketched the interiors she read about in novels. She went on to study Italian and fine art in Florence before returning to study literature at Sweden’s Lund University. Heuman moved to London in her early 20s and was offered a job at Nicky Haslam’s studio through a mutual acquaintance. Since then she has never looked back and continues to amaze with her talent. She now owns her own design studio which she opened in 2013.

What about her style though? It’s a mixture of the bold and theatrical with classical restraint – think clashing colors and patterns alongside timeless furniture. It is playful and original, characterized by a Scandinavian attention to detail and longevity. When Heuman describes her style he describes it as playful, comfortable, considered.

“Every room should sing!” declares Beata Heuman, of her design philosophy. How you interpret this chirpy mantra is up to you, but we take it to mean that we should incorporate our quirks, beliefs, and experiences into our homes’ décor to give them life and personality. 

Bespoke furnishings meet fabrics and wallpaper of decidedly mirthful mien in fresh-faced rooms that Heuman conjures up from Nantucket, Massachusetts, to Hamburg, Germany. 


Inspiration is drawn from myriad sources, both past, and present, and all projects feature a broad range of custom made pieces. Beata Heuman has a growing collection of fabrics, wallpapers, lighting, and furniture. The collection is produced by small, independent Swedish, British or Italian makers. 

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