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Russian interior designer Vadim Maltsev is a name to be reckoned with. Someone who spends much of his free time searching for inspirations and experiences to give him a fresh look at his upcoming designs, Vadim Maltsev has made his job his life. He is at the forefront of the revival of Russian design, whilst also constantly pushing for the Russian design industry to have better and more efficient laws.

Interior designer Vadim Maltsev

His style

Vadim Maltsev is a minimalist when it comes to interior design. Being from Russia, where for so long, everyone had the exact same style, Vadim is fighting to break the mould. He states “In our country for a long time there was a Soviet Russian Design which means that everyone had the same style, and even the same chairs and tables made on one manufacture. It was called standart. But nowadays everything has changed but people’s minds still live in that epoch”. It goes to show the challenges that Russian interior designers face, but Vadim Maltsev overcomes them with flying colours, with such impressive, distinctive designs.

Top Projects | Vadim Maltsev

The Theatre House

The Theatre House by Vadim Maltsev

The Theatre House in Moscow, designed by Vadim Maltsev features elements of Japanese minimalism, with the use of lines, natural light, with touches of white, grey and black. The house also features elements of art deco, like the fireplace made of baked ceramics and black lacquer.

The Theatre House by Vadim Maltsev

The bedroom, also featuring neutral colours is perfect for relaxing, due to its composition and balance. Vadim Maltsev stays true to his minimalist style, which serves him well in the design of this bedroom.

The Theatre House by Vadim Maltsev

“A minimalist and simple space should be functional along with the overall design”, Vadim Maltsev says. This home office proves that he is a man who sticks to this principle. This space is perfect for getting work done, with a large bookshelf overlooking the desk, you’d do well to find a better home office for concentration and peace.

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5 Stars Apartment

5 Stars Apartment by Vadim Maltsev

This apartment in St Petersburg is another sensational interior design job by Vadim Maltsev. The muted colours of this living room help to make the space very relaxing and cosy.

5 Stars Apartment by Vadim Maltsev

Once again, Vadim Maltsev’s use of neutral colours in this bedroom is successful in creating a relaxing space.

Marat Apartment

Marat Apartment by Vadim Maltsev

This kitchen and dining area is very contemporary. The straight lines go well with the sleek dark colours to create a perfect minimalist space. Vadim Maltsev believes that high ceilings and natural light will continue to grow as a top trend, and he stays true to that with this design.

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