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Celia Sawyer is without doubt one of the best interior designers in the world. Her work in the world of interior design is nothing short of outstanding. Coming from more humble beginnings than many of her peers in the industry, Celia Sawyer started off as a dental nurse, followed by working as a photographer’s agent. She then found her niche in interior design through refurbishing her own London property that she had saved up to buy. It was so impressive that people coming round to see it asked her to work on their own projects, which helped her build up a clientele which hasn’t stopped growing, meaning that her interiors company has been going strong for over 20 years!

Top interior designer Celia Sawyer

Celia Sawyer is very much aware of the problems that women can face in what is still unfortunately a man’s world of business, but is very skilled in turning what can be a hindrance into a positive. “It isn’t easy being a woman in business, generally it is still a man’s world, however, it didn’t put me off, you just have to use your feminine charms and learn how to deal with men, a bit like being a parent, learning to deal with children”. Her tenacity and confidence has served her very well, and will undoubtedly continue to do so.

Her style

Celia Sawyer has consistently designed outstanding luxury interiors. Celia Sawyer and her company have a commitment to design with flair, passion, innovation and excitement. Celia Sawyer designs modern spaces which are functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. There is a clear emphasis to create spaces that are luxurious in every way, with a special attention to detail that separates the best from the rest in the interior design world..

Top projects | Celia Sawyer

Country Mansion

Country mansion designed by Celia Sawyer

This sublime living room area in the country mansion designed by Celia Sawyer features an eye-catching dark red and white design, with gleaming pieces of luxury furniture. The area is perfect for both relaxing evenings with friends and family or gatherings and parties.

Country mansion designed by Celia Sawyer

This expanded shot of the space further shows how amazing it is. Whilst still using eye-catching pieces and colours, Celia Sawyer also allows for the vibrant natural light in the room to illuminate it. The use of roses is a small but ingenious feature in the room, as it fits both the colour of the room and the stunning views of the bright green nature that the room looks out onto.

Private Residence UAE

Private Residence UAE designed by Celia Sawyer

This residence designed for a private client in the UAE is another one of Celia Sawyer’s finest projects. The reflective black matches the gold trim perfectly, whilst tones of grey add a satisfying contrast.

Private Residence UAE designed by Celia Sawyer

This area shows the amazing details in Celia Sawyer’s design. The gleaming floor with the gold pattern is a real touch of class and reverberates through the high quality pieces of furniture used. There is no doubt that this private client’s desires have been met by such an impressive design from Celia Sawyer.

Commercial Project Coffee Shop/Bistro

Commercial Project Coffee Shop/Bistro

Celia Sawyer is also well versed in designing commercial spaces, like this stunning bistro. This space is very vibrant, modern and perfect for a chilled out time with friends and family. Tapping into nature again, the trees give the space a real aura of positivity.

Commercial Project Coffee Shop/Bistro

Another view of the bistro confirms that it is nothing but sensational design. We can see once again that Celia Sawyer has an amazing eye for great colour combinations. The brown of the wooden floor perfectly suits the blue and black furniture.

We are incredibly excited about what Celia Sawyer is going to do next in the world of interior design. All we can say with certainty for now is that her designs will continue to blow us away!

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