art deco style tea room

How to add some Art Deco style into your home

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The Art Deco style was born in France just before World War. It influenced the design of different pieces, from furniture or buildings to trains and everyday objects. This style combines modern styles with fine craftsmanship and rich materials to represent luxury and glamour, so maybe you should add some Art Deco into your rooms.

Art Deco style in pink

art deco style tea room

Pink is one of the colors that look fantastic on chairs and sofas with an Art Deco style. Velvet textures and rounded forms with a touch of metal mixed with pink create the perfect art deco ambiance. The Florence Stool by Essential Home is a perfect option for a practical and comfortable Art Deco style.

Art Deco style for your bathroom

art deco style green bathroom

Green is another color that we usually see in this style. Using a wallpaper with an Art Deco style pattern can spice up any wall, even in your bathroom! Search for geometric and rounded shapes with a metallic touch.

art deco style bathroom

For those who like simple ambiances and want to add some art deco but keeping it very simple and neutral, this bathroom is perfect for them. The black lines and simple forms add just a little art deco style you need while making it stylish.

Art Deco style in your kitchen

art deco style kitchen

Maybe the kitchen is the hardest place to add this style, but with this Russel Bar Chairs by Essential Home you can incorporate the Art Deco Style in a simple but elegant way. The gold and white colors are also easy to pair and give a luxurious look. This ambiance is perfect for those who just want to spice up their home by changing small details like their chairs!

Art Deco style in your living room

art deco style living room

An armchair is a perfect option to add this style to your living room. The Russel Armchair by Essential Home gives the softness and comfort your room needs while keeping it glamourous and colorful at the same time. Blue is a great color but you can always change it to match the rest of the room, orange and grey are also fantastic options and will keep the art deco vibe.


We hope that you are inspired now and know how to add Art Deco Style into your rooms! It will be always a trendy style and can be used only on pieces like armchairs or mirrors or all over the room, perfect for those creative minds.

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