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Transitional style to inspire you!

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The transitional style is known for mixing traditional pieces, fabrics, or decorative accessories with modern ones in a cohesive way to create a perfect ambiance. This style combines the best of both worlds giving you a warm and cozy feeling but stylish and trendy at the same time. If you wanna incorporate this style into your home get inspired with our ideas!

Transitional style living room

transitional style living room

The transitional style is often seen in living rooms and maybe its because it gives you a down to earth style but keeping the modern touch. A simple way to incorporate it is starting with a nude background and incorporate colors and modern forms in some of your furniture pieces.

transitional style nude living room

Keeping it simple and neutral but adding a modern lamp that stands out in the room is another simple but effective way to add this style into your home!

transitional style duke lamp

The duke suspension lamp by DelightFULL is perfect for this style! it will add the perfect amount of the modern vibe into the room bringing fresh shapes but without breaking the balance with the classic forms.

Transitional style bathroom

transitional style bathroom

The best part of the transitional style is that it allows you to play with the mix and decide the amount of modern or traditional pieces you want to add! this bathroom is the perfect example of a more modern ambiance while applying this style!

Transitional style kitchen

transitional style kitchen

This kitchen keeps it simple with the colors using black and white but adding a ton of wood to the ambiance for a warming feeling, creating the perfect balance for a calming and stylish ambiance in an open space that puts together the living room and the kitchen.

Transitional style bedroom

transitional style bedroom

Your bedroom is also a good place to mix elements from the past and present. Again, mixing a modern shaped lightning piece with a classic bed is a simple way to incorporate this style into your home and make it look fabulous! Also, the lilac shades mixed with neutral tones create a calming ambiance with the perfect amount of color.


As you can see the transitional style is perfect for those who love both classic and modern styles and allows them to play with the mixture until finding the perfect amount of each style. We hope that you liked these inspirations and got inspired by them!

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