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Born in Arizona, she studied a master in fine and decorative arts and after several years of work in New York she found in 2001 Amy Lau Design. Join us to discover this mesmerizing eclectic projects!

Amy Lau Design

Her style

Amy Lau Design creates interiors known for their warmth, expressiveness and amazing details. Amy’s unique expertise makes her a sought-after speaker and panelist at conferences and forums around the world. She also designed several lines for other design brands like  Kyle Bunting but her final mission is to create livable, meaningful homes filled with harmony, artistic integrity, beauty and inspiration for her clients.

Top Projects |Amy Lau Design


Amy Lau Design Water Mill Residence
Amy Lau Design Water Mills Living room

This beautiful Hamptons residence takes advantage of the natural light and creates bright ambiances with neutral backgrounds but amazing pop of colors on the furniture and art pieces. Blues, greens, and yellows make this residence colorful and special!

Amy Lau Design Water Mill

Colorful art pieces are all over the house making every room stunning and one of a kind. Blue tones pair so well with the natural light of this home.


Amy Lau Design Triplex

Amy Lau mixed vintage and bespoke pieces on this residence to create this beautiful modern family residence in Park Avenue. We can see how again she likes to mix colorful pieces on the same ambiance.

Amy Lau Design Park Avenue

We can see more neutral ambiances as well, but always with colorful touches and art pieces on every wall.

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Commercial Projects |Amy Lau Design

Lv Wood

Amy Lau Design LV Wood

Amy Lau Design has also designed several commercial projects, like this LV Wood flagship store. On this project we can si a magnific use of the wood on every part of it making it the statement material since Lv Wood is one of the industry leaders in heritage plank flooring.

LV Woods Amy Lau Design

The perfect combination of classical pieces and green plants with the wood makes this flagship store unique and eye-catching.


Amy Lau Design Lladró

Another stunning project is this window display and vignette created for Lladró. It combines spectacular porcelain pieces from their Naturofantastic Collection with colorful custom cakes designed by Carlo’s Bake Shop. The mix of decor pieces and cakes is incredible and it also has the bright colors we usually see on Amy Lau projects.

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