Everything you might need for your luxury office!

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Are you finally ready to start your own practice or do you enjoy working from home? Do you already have an office but it is outdated? Then, here are all the decor items you might need for your luxury office.

Luxury office with grey leather seats, and dark wooden desk and bookcase.

Everything you might need for your luxury office!


The first thing you will want in your luxury office space is a desk and a chair. These are the most basic things you need, however, they do need to have enough comfort and are worth spending more on. You will probably spend hours there so make sure it also fits your style. Here are some of our ideas for stylish luxury desks and chairs.

The Fortuna desk by boca do lobo in a luxury office showroom. The Fortuna desk is made out of a dark wood like metal and has a tree like elements.

Fortuna desk by Boca do Lobo. It is a unique piece that will give a special vibe to your office.

The Lasdun desk by Essential Home. This desk is made out of dark brown wood with black marble finishes.

Lasdun Desk by Essential Home. This more classic design uses beautiful marble casing and gives your office a professional vibe.

This small dining area houses four Nahéma chairs by Koket. The Nahéma chair has white seating cushions black legs and gold finishes in the form of hands.

Nahéma chair by Koket. This armchair can be ordered in many colors and is sure to make you feel comfortable.

This seating area has 2 Drapesse chairs by Koket. The Drapesse chair has white seating cushions but a dark brown leather cover and gold legs.

The Drapesse chair by Koket for those who want to cuddle up while working.


Every office needs a place to store all its important documents. But you also need a space to display your important accomplishments or products to your clients. So, make sure you have a cabinet or bookcase somewhere that is easily visible, but still able to blend in with the room so the attention can go to the displayed items. Do keep in mind it is your office, so if you want to go bold, go bold! Here are some of our inspirations.

The Waltz bookcase by Luxxu is an elegant bookcase in gold and metal with brown drawers.

Waltz bookcase by Luxxu. This neat minimalistic design is perfect for blending in with the surroundings of your luxury office while displaying your treasures.

The Mira(age) cabinet by Home's Society is very flamboyant in both colors and decoration. It displays a face in different textures in gold, rose, black and white accents.

Mira(age) cabinet by Home’s Society. This notable art piece is sure to make some heads turn in your office.


Another important part of your office is the lighting. You can make use of natural light, but when it gets darker, you will want to have a reliable and beautiful lamp helping you out. Here are some of the pieces we like.

The Cypres floor lamp resembles the tree cypres and has as many lamps as a small tree could have all in gold.

The Cypres floor lamp by Brabbu. With the many lamps it will certainly illuminate all the corners of your office.

The Turner lamp by Delightfull can be seen in an office. The lamp has a black matt lamp head and gold accents on the legs.

The Turner table lamp by Delightfull, is a sleek looking piece that will light up your desk in the night.

This living room has the Brubeck spiral lamp, which has gold and metalic finishes and is a spiral made out of small tubes.

Brubeck spiral lamp by Delightfull. This enormous lamp, will not only brighten up your luxury office it will also be an eye-catcher and conversation topic for you and your customers.


Another important facet of the room is the rug, is it going to be soft and fluffy or more of an art piece to admire on the floor. Discover our rug inspiration.

This living room has  yellow sofa's and the black Surma rug by Brabbu which has a spiral pattern.

The Surma rug by Brabbu. This black beauty is super soft and gives a nice aesthetic to the room.

The La land rug of Rug' Society has a swirling pattern in brown, blue, black and yellow.

The La land rug by Rug society, on the other hand, is a piece of art that keeps drawing your attention.


The thing that really makes your luxury office complete is the decoration. From a vibrant green plant to a wonderful painting or just another beautifully designed decor piece. Anything is possible. Here are our ideas for office decoration.

A terrarium with a succulent and other plants on  a desk.

Not every plant survives an office atmosphere that’s why succulents are ideal here. They don’t require a lot of nurturing but still give your office a touch of nature.

Abstract paintings in an office.

From very detailed to abstract paintings, they all give a different touch to your luxury office.

In the corner of a room we have the Equator Glob bar by Boca do Lobo. This bronze globe sits in a black wooden installation with 3 legs. The globe houses glasses and alcoholic bottles. Underneath the globe between the legs is also space for more bottles.

The Equator Globe bar from Boca do Lobo can serve as a finishing touch to your office. It can be used to serve a drink to your clients or just as a beautiful decor piece.

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