Musical inspiration makes you explore a whole new world of design!

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You can find inspiration literally everywhere. But in this article, we are looking at the brand Delightfull that took musical inspiration from amazing musicians. Get inspired by the musical inspiration in these lighting pieces!

A photo of John Coltrane playing his alto saxophone.

Musical inspiration makes you explore a whole new world of design!


If you don’t know who Miles Davis is. Miles Dewey Davis the third was an American Jazz musician, composer, trumpet player and bandleader. He was one of the most influential figures for the development of Jazz and 20th century music. His legacy inspired the designers of Delightfull to create a lamp collection with his musical inspiration to commemorate his achievements.

Miles Davis playing on his trumpet.

The lamps were made in true 1950’s style holding an air of sophistication and elegance. They all have elements of a trumpet to include a part of Miles Davis into the collection. Get inspired yourself by Miles Davis by listening to some of his hits like Blue in Green, So What and Milestones.

The musical inspiration created this Miles wall lamp hwich has trumpet features.


Another artist that has inspired Delightfull is Jimi Hendrix. This famous guitarist and singer-songwriter is also known as one of the 27 club. Otherwise known as people who were very talented and successful and who died at the age of 27. Jimi Hendrix was an up-coming rock/electric guitarist who played at Woodstock and is seen as one of the most influential electric guitarists in the history of pop music. For some musical inspiration, we suggest you check out his songs All Along the Watchtower, Hey Joe and Purple Haze.

Jimi Hendrix playing his guitar at Woodstock.

The brand Delightfull got inspired by Hendrix music and success. They created the Hendrix wall lamp, the Hendrix chandelier and the Hendrix suspension lamp. They based their design on the vinyl records he sold for his phenomenal music.

The Hendrix Suspension lamp which resembels golden vinyl records that are hanging in the sky.


Janis Joplin singing.

Janis Joplin was an American rock, soul, and blues singer-songwriter and is also part of the 27 club. Just as Jimi Hendrix she also sang at Woodstock and is known as the most influential female rockstar of her era. With her unique voice, it was a very clear choice of Delightfull to commemorate her musical inspiration in one of their pieces. With the Janis floor lamp and the Janis table lamp, you get a throwback to the golden sixties and Joplin’s eclectic style. Explore Joplin’s eclectic style through her hit songs Me and Bobby Gee, Piece Of My Heart and Cry Baby.

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The Janis floor lamp made in brass gold which has a resemblence to a tree and has many branchs which end in a lamp on top.


A real pioneer for the music industry was American jazz musician, saxophonist and composer, John Coltrane. He introduced the use of modes and was one of the first to experiment with free jazz. Until this day he is still seen as one of the most influential saxophonist in history. His style can be described as smooth jazz and some of his best songs include this sound like Naima, My One and Only Love and Time after Time.

A black and white photo of John Coltrane playing his saxophone in a theater with bandmembers in the background.

Delightfull created a Coltrane collection which incorporates elements of a saxophone and a smooth design just like John Coltrane’s music.

A lobby with the coltrane wall lamp and the coltrane floor lamp. The coltrane lamp is a tube-like object with the top and bottom vertically carved out on on side of the tube. The lamp is black with golden coating on the inside.


Eunice Kathleen Waymon is better known as Nina Simone, an American singer-songwriter, musician, arranger and civil rights activist. However, she started her career as a pianist but launched her career with her singing while playing the piano. Nina Simone is known to be very versatile in her music, she played music in different music styles: classical, jazz, blues, folk, R&B, gospel, and pop. Among her music some of her famous hits are still being played and covered up until today. These hits include Feeling Good, I Put A Spell On You and Sinnerman.

A photo of Nina Simone singing by the piano.

With her music, Nina Simone influenced a nation in the Civil Rights Movement. So, including her for a musical inspiration based collection was only evident. Delightfull made a collection of Simone lamps which show the same versatility that Nina Simone displayed.

The Simone floor lamp in a living. The Simone floor lamp has tree lamp heads which resemble a famous hairdo of Nina Simone and are able to be directed to multiple places in the room.

For more musical inspiration take a look at the Delightfull site.

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