5 Tips for the Ideal Dining Table according to Piet Boon

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The most important space in your home, according to Piet Boon, is the dining room. It is a space where you come together with friends and family to eat, drink and talk. So, the kind of dining table you have here is of the utmost importance for the atmosphere. Here are 5 tips for the ideal dining table according to Piet Boon.

A wooden dining table with blue chair cushions and wooden legs.

About Piet Boon

A photo of Piet Boon leaning against a wall.

Piet Boon is a Dutch interior designer, architect and furniture manufacturer. He owns his own design studio, Studio Piet Boon in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He has done projects all over the globe from beach villas in the Netherlands Antilles to Hotels in Qatar. He even designed city blocks in Washington. In this article, he gives us a personal opinion on what the perfect dining table looks like.

5 Tips for the Ideal Dining Table according to Piet Boon


As Piet Boon already said, the dining room is the most important place in your house. You want to be able to entertain your friends and family here, but at the same time, you also want to use this space to get some work done. Piet Boon says that the perfect dining table has to have the purpose of not only a place to serve food but also a table where his kids can do their homework or just sit together with friends.

A small wooden dining table with 2 black painted wooden chairs and a blue sofa.


As such your dining table can also not be too wide. You want to have space to eat but you don’t want to be miles away from the person that is seated opposite of you. However, you also want a large table that can seat a lot of people so finding the right balance here is key.

A white and gold dining rable and dining chairs in a very classical and detailed style.
A grey dining rable with black legs and metallic finishes with white cushion chairs with black legs.


A dining table has many different heights. Some are the height of your hip, while others are more leaning towards chest height. Combining this with the right chair is essential, else if you take a seat at the table you will feel like a little kid, says Piet Boon. A higher dining table is also advised if you want to use it a workplace for you and your kids.

A dark wooden chest height  dining table with metalic legs and corresponding chairs.
A light wooden dining table with 4 chairs with the same light wooden legs and white cushions.


Dining tables can come in many different forms, the most well-known is the rectangular version which can seat a lot of people. However, if you have a very rigid dining room, it is fun to combine it with a round or other fun shape instead. Piet Boon even made a few tables like that. For example, his “Kekke shape” which was a trapezium-like table with round corners.

A red glass oval table with two grey chairs.
A glass round table with a golden base and purple chairs.


Piet Boon himself loves wooden tables from oak and walnut trees. However, these require a different upkeep than normal tables and wooden table also get more blemishes faster because of their natural material. But, wooden tables do age beautifully.

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In the end, choosing the perfect dining table is up to you. It is one of those objects that will last a lifetime before you think about replacing it.

A wooden table with brown leather chairs.
A light wooden dining table with corresponding chairs.

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