7 Art Deco touches that will liven up your house.

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For many, Art Deco reminds them of the roaring twenties, Great Gatsby and the Charleston or fringe flapper dresses. The style includes strong but elegant elements while still being functional. Moreover, it is a very glamorous and luxurious style and everyone needs a bit of Art Deco in their home. So, here are 7 Art Deco touches that will liven up your house.

Art Deco inspired dining room.

7 Art Deco touches that will liven up your house.

Soothing Chicago Style

This style is based on the Art Deco designs that live and breathe in Chicago. In your home, this can translate to soothing grays that become more accentuated in combination with bold patterns and the use of unique silhouettes.

A grey living room with a bold red cabinet and a uniquely formed coffeetable.

In this living room the soothing Chicago style can be seen in the grey elements, the bold red cabinet and the unique silhouette of the coffee table.

Another Art Deco living room in the soothing chicago style with a uniquely formed coffee table.

Here, you still have the grey colors and the unique coffee table, but instead of a bold color you have a fun pattern.

Sculptural Accents and Dramatic Furniture

Two Art Deco inspired armchairs in blue with brown sidings and metal finishes in a unique pattern.

A second way in which you can add an Art Deco accent to your home is by using dramatic furniture pieces and adding sculptural accents. The chairs above include both elements. The metal finish makes the chairs stand out even more.

A neutral colored living room with an Art Deco side table.

“Everything Goes” Eclecticism

Something that is typically Art Deco and easy to embrace in your home is the “Everything Goes” Eclecticism. From bold colored geometrics to a mix match of metallics, this style deems everything combinable.

An eclectic bedroom in Art Deco style. A majestic blue and silver bed with purple and yellow cushions. Plus a mix match of other furniture pieces.

From a mix match of cushions to different furniture styles. It all somehow works together in harmony.

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An eclectic living room with golden brass accents on furniture pieces from different styles and a mix match of colors on cushions, small details, etc.

Glamorous Symmetry

A symmetric living room with golden accents on the lamps, coffee table, side tables, etc. and white sofa's.

Another feature we can easily find back in Art Deco design is glamorous symmetry. Adding metallic accents in a uniform bedroom and adding in elements to make the room more symmetric is sure to bring back that twenties vibe.

A symmetric bedroom with a pinkish-orange accent color throughout the room.

Bold Statement

The Art Deco style also depicts a sober room with an accent color that gives a bold statement. From a bright red to a cool blue, it all creates an amazing bold contrast.

A white living room with bold accent colors. Baby blue sofa's, a bright yellow rug and coffee table and a bold red cabinet.

This living room has a lot of bold color elements but it still retains that Art Deco vibe through the patterns on the carpet and the use of them in the furniture pieces.

A seating area with golden furniture and bold, blue armchairs.

Recycling Vintage

Another way to incorporate the Art Deco style into your home is by reusing vintage elements. Updating an old drawer set with Art Deco elements or add a vintage item to a modern styled room to give an eclectic vibe to the room.

This bedroom has recycled certain vintage furniture in its modern look. The cabinet/writing desk and the stools at the end of the bed both look like they fit right in.

By just painting the chest of drawers white you get a totally different vibe from the vintage furniture piece. The same can be said for the chandelier and the side tables.

A modern bedroom with vintage white painted chest of drawers, chandelier and side tables.


The last element you can add in are patterns upon patterns. Geometrical shapes up on straight lines and so on.  It might first seem like a chaotic overload but it does give the same Art Deco vibe as in the twenties.

The print of the wall paper in combination of the arrangement of the wooden flooring gives it a real Art Deco vibe.

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