The kitchen trend of 2019: colour your cabinets!

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Coloured kitchen cabinets are the trend of 2019. No longer will you be staring at boring, plain white cabinets, but instead a funky colour will brighten up your kitchen. Need some inspiration, discover some amazing kitchen cabinet designs here!

Coloured cabinets in a pale blue colour.

The kitchen trend of 2019: colour your cabinets!

Blue cabinets

Blue is always a good colour for a kitchen, it is calming and will make you think clearer which is something you definitely need when cooking. But as you know blue comes in many shades, from dark navy to a flashy turquoise. Depending on the vibe you want to create your kitchen can reflect whatever you want.

Pale blue

Combined with some light walls, the pale blue of the cabinets will bring an extra dose of bright colours into your kitchen.

A pale blue colour adorns these kitchen cabinets.

Egg Blue

As a timeless yet bold colour, Egg blue is popular to use in your kitchen, it will give a subtle touch to the room and add the decorative element you want in the neat space. It is also a good alternative to white because it isn’t a too heavy colour.

A farmhouse style kitchen with egg blue cabinets.


If you really want your cabinets to shine, adding this punchy blue will certainly make your cabinets the eye catcher of your kitchen.    

A teal colour on your cabinets gives a punch to your kitchen.

Bright Blue

A light and bright blue will not only give a touch of colour it can also still carry an air of sophistication and give you a formal modern kitchen vibe.

A bright blue colour brightens up your open kitchen.

Glossy Blue

A darker glossy blue colour gives a cool atmosphere in the kitchen and is fun to combine with other bright colours like a sunny yellow.

This glossy blue is a nice change from a white colour in your kitchen.

Dark blue

The Benjamin Moore’s Van Deusen Blue is a darker blue shade. It is rich in colour and reflects a moody tone but combined with some lighter colours and metallic finishes, you can still get that warm vibe.

This dark blue colour by Benjamin Moore gives a nice matte finish to your cabinets.


Combining this blue-gray with some light wooden elements will make it a very charming and bright place to spend time. The colour will make a statement of colourful joy to anyone who steps inside.

A blue gray colour is a darker blue colour in your kitchen but still gives you a cozy vibe.


Another colour that is fun to experiment with is green. Green bring peace, balance and harmony to your kitchen and are easily combinable with other colours.


A beautiful velvety emerald colour will give your kitchen a rich and colourful kick while also giving it an elegant twist. to keep it from getting too dark you should combine it with some lighter colours like white or a light grey. But if you want an extra luxurious feel, adding some gold accents are the way to go.

An emerald green colour gives you the perfect luxurious feel in a kitchen.

Lime Green

This lime inspired colour gives a positive and optimistic vibe to your kitchen and is easily combinable with different wood tones. This kitchen makes you feel like dancing around like nobody cares.

The lime green gives you a summery feel in the kitchen.


This Aganthus Green by Benjamin Moore is the perfect light green to combine with darker tones in your kitchen. It is perfect if you don’t want a white cabinet and still holds that light and bright, cozy vibe in your kitchen.

the light sage green colour is the perfect alternative for white cabinets.


Chocolate Brown

If you are a fan of a dark kitchen then this chocolate brown lacquered colour is perfect for you. Not only do you get spontaneous cravings for chocolate the moment you enter the kitchen. It also still holds that warm vibe you want in your kitchen. The darkness of the brown will also make your kitchen feel a lot larger.

Chocolate brown is a nice and cozy colour for your kitchen.

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Light Charcoal

If you want a monochrome kitchen, this light charcoal is the way to go. It is the perfect balance between dark and light, but when using it, the light source is paramount, so you won’t feel like you are trapped in a too small space. As for your cabinets, this charcoal shade will give them a beautiful, soft finish

Charcoal in a light shade will give you a nice modern feel.


If you want the complete opposite of white, you can use a matte, jet black. You can make it your ultimate dark kitchen or combine it with some lighter colours or even white to make a stark contrast visible. Black is a good choice if you want to keep a modern, clean vibe going in your kitchen.       

A black colour is a nice contrast with the white already present in the kitchen.

Eggplant Purple

A last colour that is perfect to use for your kitchen cabinets is eggplant purple. The dark purple is a good alternative to black and brown and can also give you a darker atmosphere in the kitchen. However, the purple is also perfectly combinable with lighter, neutral shades and gives a nices streamlined touch to your kitchen.

Eggplant purple is a nice colour in the kitchen and packs a punch.

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