Find the office decor style that fits you!

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When designing an office, it is important you create a space that aids productivity, while also not being the simple boring black and white. A design style can help you so here are seven office decor styles that will help you find the style that fits you!

An modern office, which looks out on the Shard in London.

Find the office decor style that fits you!


A good stimulation for your brain is sunlight, so having a light and bright office with a good amount of windows will help you get through the day much easier. If you want to keep that light trend going indoors, we would recommend you use light accent colors in your decor and light brown wooden furniture pieces and finishes.                       

A light, bright office with wooden accents.


As we said staying productive is important and besides sunlight, a nice plant or flower bouquet will make your time at the office fly past. It will provide some extra oxygen and is also a nice accent to any office.                       

The Orb filled with greenery is sure to create a more lively atmosphere at the office.


Another style which is sure to make you feel good is the glam chic style. This includes metal accents and white or grey accent colors throughout the room. Also a natural stone can sometimes add that extra touch.

A glam chic inspired office.

If you are still looking for some glamorous metallic accent, the Boca do Lobo Eden center table is sure to look good and give you that golden finish.                   

The Eden center table by Boca do Lobo, taking residence in a Skyscraper office


To spice up your office design, you could always add a pop of colour not only will it give a warmer vibe, but it will probably also help the creative juices flowing in the brain of yourself and the other employees.

A colorful office, perfect for creatives to get to work.

A good furniture piece for a morecolorful and playful design is the Essential Home Ellen armchair. The velvety green colour is sure to brighten up the office.

Mid-Century Ebook
The Ellen armchair by Essential Home perfect for your office.


If you are easily distracted adding clean lines to your decor will do wonders for your concentration. Furthermore, will it also make your office look more organized and less cluttered. This, however, shouldn’t mean only black and white, a splash of colour is good to keep the severe atmosphere away.   

A meeting room with clean lines and yet there is still a pop of color.


A colour that will most certainly improve your mood is the color blue. For this nautical inspired office decor, you get a relaxed yet still professional vibe. The creative element also makes it fun to boast about your office to others.

A nautical inspired office.


Having the possibility to let people relax at the office will do wonders for their work. So, adding a cozy chair or a very comfy sofa will give people a different and more relaxed atmosphere to work in.

The Bagel Factory office.

Still looking for an elegant yet comfy sofa? Take a look at Koket’s Sofia sofa. The simplicity will make sure that people are not distracted by it, but can still enjoy a cozy place to lounge.

The Sofia office sofa by Koket.

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