Top Portuguese brands that were at the Milan Furniture Show

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Salone del Mobile was a rollercoaster of emotions, amazing designs and much more. At the exhibition of the Salone Internazionale del Mobile, many beautiful designs could be viewed, but today we take a closer look at the Portuguese brands that amazed us and let us dream of inspirational design. Here are the top Portuguese brands at the Milan Furniture Show.

A look at the Covet Lounge by Portuguese-based company Covet House.

Top Portuguese brands that were at the Milan Furniture Show


This Portuguese brand uses its products to reflect fierceness, strength, power and an intense way of living for the urban lifestyle. They make decor pieces from furniture, case goods and upholstery to lighting and rugs. They want to give you a unique experience for their brand, products and design through sensory design, high-quality materials and innovative techniques.  That doesn’t mean that they skimp an inch on comfort, functionality and personality quite the contrary can be said. If you so desire, they can give you customization solutions in a wide range of materials, fabrics and finishes.

The Portuguese brand Brabbu introduces new furniture pieces at iSaloni.

For Brabbu the Salone Internazionale del Mobile was an opportunity to showcase their bestsellers while also introducing some new pieces.


Circu is a Portuguese brand that completely revolves around children and their world full of magic and fantasies. Their goal is to make children’s dreams become a reality. With their design pieces they want to create an atmosphere where children can always play and fall asleep while still on an adventure. Ultimately they want to create an unforgettable fantasy experience for children while still keeping them grounded to the real world. Their products are hand-crafted and hand-tailored to fit the child’s needs. The finest materials are used to get the most real-life experience.

Circu with its newest Portuguese childen's collection.

This year Circu, brought their newest cloud collection to iSaloni. Just looking at the furniture pieces made you want to dream away.

Colunex – tailored comfort

For the best night sleep, the Portuguese brand Colunex has the best mattresses and luxury headboards for you. Known for their quality and durability, the Colunex mattresses are a dream to have. They ensure comfort and wellness and still have the best quality, they are handmade and tailor-made to fit your sleeping style. They provide you with the perfect luxury sleep you need.

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The Portuguese brand Colunex at iSaloni.

At the Milan Furniture Show, Colunex showed their peers and the visitors their best bedroom designs and made us want to jump in their beds immediately.

Covet House

Another brand to discover at iSaloni was Covet House. Covet House is, in fact, a Portuguese based company that combines the designs of multiple high-end furniture brands and makes their pieces work together. You can admire their work in showrooms all over the world and get inspired by the way they combine the different designs of luxury brands.

A look at the Portuguese covet lounge at iSaloni

At the iSaloni Covet Lounge it was no different. A contemporary piece here and a mid-century piece there, it might not have been the same style but it created an amazing vibe.

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