Amazing blue mood boards you should see!

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Everyone has that moment of writer’s block or lack of inspiration. For those that need a little help getting back on their feet, here are 3 incredible blue mood boards you should see!

A blue mood board that is sure to inspire you.

Amazing blue mood boards you should see!

Cyan Blue

This mood board by Delightfull was inspired by the colour cyan blue. Besides all the blue visuals of the koi fish, the blue stairwells and the Arabic pattern in the background, you can also see some amazing lighting designs by Delightfull.

The cyan blue inspiration mood board by Delightfull.

Standing out is the graphic number 9 in an art deco style, which is an ideal addition to lovers of the Great Gatsby. The neon sign can be mounted on the wall or just be an exceptional floor lamp.

Graphic number 9 by Delightfull

However, another lighting piece that can be seen is the Coltrane suspension lamps, inspired by John Coltrane, this gives you a nice mid-century feel in any room.

The coltrane suspension lamps by Delightfull are a bestseller.

Purist Blue

Another blue mood board that is sure to spark some inspiration is this one by Essential Home. The nice blue colour by Pantone is supposed to be the big trend of 2020 and for those that are already looking for some ideas, this mood board is ideal.

The purist blue moodboard by Essential Home.

Besides the few pattern ideas, you can also find some furniture pieces in purist blue, like the Collins dining chair. The glossy finish of the chair and open back gives a mid-century feel of 50’s diners while still keeping that feel of elegance.

The collins dining chair of the blue mood board by Essential Home.

Is this chair not the one for you, you can also see the Loren armchair in the background. This furniture piece just screams elegance and sophistication and also has the same retro, mid-century feel.

Blue and Black

Blue is easy combinable with many colours, but if you want to keep things classy, this mood board is one you need to see. Blue and black is an old combination but it always works and never gets out of style. Do you already have a blue room in mind but not the right pieces to go with it, then discover these lighting pieces of Delightfull that complement the mood board amazingly.

The black and blue mood board by Delightfull.

Do you love a modern style without too many decorations and a classy feel? Then the Marcus suspension lamp is the one you need. This lighting piece has a timeless aesthetic and easily fits into any contemporary room design.

The Marcus suspension lamp for Delightfull.

Are you rather looking for something a bit more retro, then the Neil wall lamp is one worth checking out. The Neil wall lamp has a retro design with a modern twist. The fluid and soft round shapes from the sconces add elegant light into the room. The mid-century piece adds innovation to the past. The piece is ideal as a nice playful yet classy piece for your home.

The newest addition to the Delightfull collection is the Neil wall lamp.

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